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Instructions for using an adequately curled mattress with Ru9 foam mattress

Roll-up mattresses are gradually becoming a trending product in regular sleep care. Let's find out more information about the rolled mattress with Ru9 in the following article!
Instructions for using an adequately curled mattress with Ru9 foam mattress

Covered mattress provides great convenience in mattress transportation and storage thanks to Compact and flexible design. However, do you really understand the whole way of using a roll-up mattress? Let's find out more information about rolled mattress with Ru9 through the article below.

Covered mattress - current new trend

Covered mattress is gradually becoming a trend in modern life, attracting a large number of customers to choose to use. The notable difference here is the way the mattress is packaged and preserved. Typically, you can see sleeping mattress manufactured in different sizes. The block that folds or keeps the sheet is covered by an outer plastic sheet, bulky and occupying space. However, with mattress roll, these disadvantages have been completely eliminated.

Type roll mattress is made from advanced, highly flexible foam material that can be compressed and inflated naturally. This is an advantage that makes your transportation more convenient and easier. First, the mattress will be vacuumed to reduce the size. The mattress is then rolled into a cylinder and placed in a suitable container or material.

Instructions on how to properly roll up a mattress

Rolling mattress offers users a lot of remarkable utilities. However, not everyone knows how to use a rolled mattress correctly. To ensure that the mattress is durable and does not affect the quality of the mattress, you need to know some of the following notes when using it:

Round-up mattresses gradually become a trend in modern life
Cushion rolls are becoming a trend in modern life
  • Read the manufacturer's instructions that came with the mattress carefully for proper use.
  • How to open the mattress: Open the box, cut the outer plastic bag, wait for the mattress to inflate to standard.< /span>
  • Usually, the mattress inflates as soon as you remove the plastic wrap and you can use it right away. ... However, a rolled mattress takes about 36 hours to fully expand and achieve optimal support.

In the process of use, it is necessary to clean the mattress properly to use it for a long time. Because the mattress is made of special foam material. Therefore, you should note that you do not use cleaning solutions with the mattress intestine. You only need to wash the mattress cover regularly to ensure that the mattress is clean and hygienic.

Using a properly rolled mattress ensures the best mattress quality
Using a properly rolled mattress ensures the best mattress quality

Sleep comfortably with Ru9 roll mattress

Ru9 - a company specializing in sleep in Vietnam has researched and successfully researched a roll-up mattress made of exclusive foam material. Ru9 mattress helps users have a good night's sleep with optimal support and smoothness and comfort when used. This is also the first mattress product in Vietnam to be granted an international safety certificate for users' health according to US standards (CertiPUR-US®).

Structurally, ru9 roll mattress is composed of 3 layers: span>

  • Ru9 Contour Foam provides optimal support for the spine with absolute comfort.
  • The middle layer is a combination of memory foam and cold gel helps to disperse pressure and regulate body temperature when lying down.
  • Strong foam bottom layer minimizes movement and ensures a restful night's sleep.

More specifically, roll up mattress at Ru9 was stored and shipped in a small box. Ru9 will ensure delivery to the user without any shipping costs. When you receive the mattress, you just need to open the box and the plastic wrap and wait for the mattress to inflate.

Use Ru9 roll-up mattress for the most comfortable sleep
Use the Ru9 roll-up mattress for the most comfortable sleep

A good mattress can give users the most relaxing moments after a busy day. The roll-up mattress will be the ideal choice for families who are looking for the perfect mattress. Let Ru9 help you have the best and most comfortable sleep! Don't hesitate to visit now showroom Ru9< /span> and choose the right roll-up mattress for your family today.