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How to choose a good pillow to improve sleep quality for yourself and your family

Insomnia, not sleeping deeply, makes you anxious, tired, depressed? Ru9 will guide you to choose a good pillow to help improve the quality of your sleep every night.
How to choose a good pillow to improve sleep quality for yourself and your family

Sleeping pillow is an essential item associated with human sleep every night. Therefore, each person needs a pillow to help them sleep well and deeply, while protecting the head, neck and spine. If you can't find a good quality pillow pillow, let Ru9 help you find it. ideal friend every night through the following article.

The importance of choosing the right pillow

Humans have a special body structure with wide shoulder length, large body weight, large amount of blood. So when lying down, the head and neck will lose support and tend to lie lower than the whole body. This can easily lead to high blood pressure, making you dizzy and lethargic when you wake up.

Lie on a comfy pillow

The lack of fulcrum can also lead to serious diseases of the neck and shoulders such as neck pain, spondylosis... choosing the right sleeping pillow is an indispensable task to help you improve the quality sleep quality and protect your health.

How to choose a simple and effective pillow

To choose a quality pillow, suitable for your sleep habits you are not easy. You can refer to the following tips for choosing a pillow:

1. Choose good materials:

A quality pillow is a prerequisite that it is manufactured from quality materials. Most sleeping pillow inserts are now usually padded with cotton wool or feathers,... However, the This material often does not guarantee good support during long nights of use. Besides the above popular materials, one of the other modern materials that has attracted the attention of many consumers is foam pillow. Foam is a material with many outstanding advantages: optimal support, ventilation when lying down...

Good pillow protects your head and neck from aches

2. Suitable height:

One ​​piece pillow has a standard height of 10-15cm . However, your sleeping habits have a great influence on the choice of pillow height.

  • If lying on your side or stomach, you should refer to a low pillow to help your stomach always be comfortable in the position. like this.
  • If you often sleep on your back, you should choose a pillow with a reasonable height so that the head and neck and straight spine. Pillows that are too high will cause your neck to bend, causing pain in the cervical vertebrae. Conversely, a pillow that is too low will cause blood to rush to the head, making it difficult to sleep.

However, your sleeping position is not always fixed on your side or stomach. Therefore, you need to choose a good pillow that can support your body in any position. Thus, the pillow will hug all the curves of the head and neck and limit shoulder and neck pain.

Niu Ru9 pillow cherishes sleep, safe for users' health

Choose the perfect quality pillow to help you sleep at night< /i>

As a sleep company, Ru9 values ​​the application of the most advanced technologies in its products. From studies on sleep habits and quality of different age groups, Ru9 creates a complete upgrade with exclusive advanced Graphene Memory Foam material.

Features of Niu Ru9 Pillow

  • This material helps to shape and support the natural shape of the head to help limit the situation neck pain.
  • At the same time, the Niu pillow has good heat dissipation ability to keep your head cool and comfortable, copper does not cause subsidence over time.
  • Besides, thanks to the Graphene Memory Foam material, the Niu pillow can be flexibly adjusted to the height, helping you comfortable in any lying position.

In addition, the Niu pillow from Ru9 is designed to be easy to clean. With the optimized Zip zipper design, you can remove the pillowcase in seconds and sanitize under normal conditions

In addition, Ru9's warranty policy is also very favorable for customers. You'll get a 2-year one-to-one warranty on this pillow from Ru9. At the same time, products are also shipped to customers completely free of charge.

The above are the advantages you cannot ignore when it comes to Niu pillows. Of course, besides the factors of quality and safety, a high-quality pillow needs to be suitable for each person's needs. Therefore, if you have not found a pillow for a good night's sleep, you can choose buy a Niu pillow by Ru9 to experience 100 nights without worries. Try the Niu Pillow at home and make the best choice for you!