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Letter From Founder: The journey to find the best pillowcase cover with Ru9

Letter From Founder: The journey to find the best pillowcase cover with Ru9


I'm Trang, the founder of Ru9. In 2018, Ru9's journey began with finding a good mattress reasonable price, and has now become a mission to bring people comfort in every aspect of sleep.

After launching Ru9 mattresses and foam pillows – 2 core products for support, now, Ru9 officially launches the line The first product that focuses on sleep comfort - Ru9 Bedding Set from 100% Natural Cotton.

Different from the development of foam products, which always require modern technology and continuous innovation, the journey to find bedding covers The best pillow led us back to the most natural, and there we found the answer to our doubts. Ru9 Bedding Set is made from 100% natural Cotton, with just the right yarn density (you can learn more why too much yarn density is not good here) and uses only standard length single cotton yarn.

As a highly perceptive product, Ru9 Bedding Set 100% Cotton has 2 different weaves – Percale and Sateen. If you like the soft but rough feel, like the sound of dry leaves being gently pushed by the wind, then Ru9 Percale Bedding is the product for you. Percale is also the oldest and most primitive weave of cotton yarn. If you are someone who likes a smooth and gentle feeling, then Ru9 Sateen Bedding will embrace you in a wonderful sense of comfort. This is the ideal product line for those who are always looking for comfort from the first touch.

Like with Ru9 products, Ru9 Bedding Set is thoroughly researched and tested to ensure quality right from the weaving and dyeing process. products to even the outer product bag. Hopefully, with our efforts, our Ru9 Bedding Set will bring you the best experiences.

In order for Ru9's products to constantly improve and develop further to become more suitable for users, we look forward to receiving your comments. about your experience with Ru9 Bedding Set. So, if you have feedback, questions or concerns about Ru9 Bedding Set, Ru9 products - services or any questions about sleep, please send us a message via Facebook, Instagram, or email to hello@ please!

Have a good night,.