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3 suggestions for you to choose the most suitable pillow

Like mattress, a good pillow is also a worthwhile investment in getting quality sleep and waking up stay awakeWhen choosing a pillow, consider whether it is capable of keeping the head, neck, and torso in alignment, because of the lying posture. Right is the same as when standing upright, your head is neither too backward nor too forward. The right pillow will keep your body in this position in the most natural way. This will help you choose exactly the  good pillow just right for you!
3 suggestions for you to choose the most suitable pillow

Like mattress, a good pillow is also a worthy investment. It's worth getting some quality sleep and waking up refreshed. When choosing a pillow, consider whether it is capable of keeping your head, neck and torso aligned, because the correct lying position is the same as when standing upright, your head is not too tilted to the side. The back is not too bent forward. The right pillow will keep your body in this position in the most natural way. The following article will help you choose exactly the right pillow right for you!

First, when should you change your pillow?

The role of a pillow in our sleep is great, but we often use the same pillow over and over again without noticing its quality deterioration and unknowingly negatively affect your sleep.
You should remember that, over the course of use, dead skin cells, mold, dust mites, etc. are all accumulated on pillow, so continuing to use an "outdated" pillow not only affects your sleep, but in the long run, it can also cause allergies, obstructing the airway when sleeping. That's not to mention people with medical conditions must use anti-neck pillows to take care of their bodies. These people must regularly take note and change pillows when they are no longer good.

How to choose the most suitable pillow
Choose the pillow material that suits your usage

The useful life of a pillow is usually between 18 months and 3 years, depending on the material of the pillow. In addition, you should also change a new pillow immediately when your pillow shows signs of change compared to the original.

Signs to help you know you should change a new pillow

  • You wake up with aches and pains, especially in your neck or shoulders.
  • Your sleep is interrupted by aches and pains, making you tired when you wake up.
  • You have a headache when you wake up, or the headache gets worse after you wake up
  • There are stains on the pillow that cannot be removed due to sweat, oil from the skin…
  • You smell an unpleasant odor coming from your pillowcase
  • Irregular protrusions gradually appear on the pillow
  • Your nose is irritated by the dust on your pillow
  • For artificial pillows, try folding the pillow in half. If the pillow stays in this shape and doesn't stretch again, you should consider using a new pillow
  • For pillows made of natural materials, try placing the pillow along your arm and bending it with force. If it doesn't return to normal state and there are marks on the pillow, it's time to change the pillow
  • A the right pillow for you that won't irritate your skin so be aware of the materials before buying a pillow
Ru9's Niu foam pillow is designed to fit your sleep
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How to choose the ideal pillow

1. Embrace the natural shape of your neck and head

When standing, your head, neck, shoulders, and lower body are in a straight line. This is the most natural and best position for the body. During sleep, too, the most comfortable sleep is when the body is always in a natural straight state, even when you lie on your side or on your back.
In this case, the pillows Pillows made from Memory Foam material are a pretty good suggestion. Memory Foam is well known for its ability to automatically shape and conform to the natural shape of the head and neck. The memory foam pillow is able to evenly distribute the weight of your neck and head when you lie down, providing optimal support no matter what position you lie in.

2. Suitable height and stiffness

Depending on your sleeping habits, you should choose pillows of different heights and firmnesses. You can refer to some ways to choose a pillow as follows:

  • If you often sleep on your back, choose a pillow that is moderately thick, the pillow near the neck should be slightly thicker to support the neck, minimizing pressure on the spine
  • For people who often lie on their stomach, you should choose a very thin pillow to avoid causing discomfort on the stomach when lying down
  • If you often lie on your side, your suitable pillow should be firm and large in size to shorten the distance between your ears and your shoulders, thereby shaping your spine better.
Comfort is essential for a good night's sleep
Good sleep always needs a suitable pillow

3. Create ventilation when sleeping

Head and neck are the two hottest parts of the body. With pillow materials that do not have the ability to dissipate heat, the amount of heat transferred from these two parts will be trapped and circulated inside the pillow, causing a suffocating sleeper throughout the night, making you uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Therefore, when buying pillows, you should choose pillow materials that can effectively dissipate heat, such as Graphene Foam. The special feature of this foam is that when you just lie down, the heat from your head and neck will be absorbed, converted and pushed out into the air by Graphene Foam immediately, helping your head and neck breathe and breathe. cooler.
When going buy a pillow, Please observe your sleeping habits and individual needs before making your decision. If you don't know what to choose for your bed, you can try using pillow products made from new materials, suitable for many sleeping positions like the Ru9 New Year pillow!