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Find the Backrest Pillow That Fits Your Needs

Find the Backrest Pillow That Fits Your Needs

If you are a person who sits a lot or often suffers from back pain, spinal pain, ... then you must have heard of backrest pillows. . This is one of the best pillows that support the above health problems. Learn more pillowcases< /a> backrest on the market today to find yourself the most suitable pillow

Common types of backrest pillows

Car backrest pillow

Car backrest pillow is a pillow designed according to the shape of the car seat. Usually compact and sturdy for easy portability. Pillows are used to shape and support the back to help the driver have a comfortable sitting position. Car backrest pillows help drivers avoid back and spine pain when driving continuously for a long time. The backrest pillow also helps limit injuries to the driver in the event of a car crash.

Office backrest pillow

s who sit for a long time or tend to slide their backs into the chair form a small empty triangle angle with the chair, causing gravity to shift to the lower back, causing pain and fatigue. . Therefore, the office backrest pillow was created to overcome that.

Office backrest pillows come in many shapes from square, rectangular, to custom shapes. Usually designed to be compact for easy carrying from home to work. Support pillows support the back, shape the spine when sitting. In many cases, office backrest pillows are also used for a more comfortable nap.

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Back pain is a condition that office workers often encounter

Sofa backrest pillow

Not only used to create accents, decorate the sofa more unique, sofa backrest pillows are also an item to help prevent back fatigue and relax the spine for you every time you sit on the sofa. Pillows are small in size that fits in a sofa, often with a square design. The material of the pillowcase and the pillowcase is usually synchronized with the sofa material (except for wooden sofas) to create aesthetics and efficiency when used.

Bed pillow

<3 in bed. Backrest pillows on the bed often use soft materials, have better support and are more breathable than other types of backrest pillows to limit joint pain. Therefore, this type of pillow gives you a deeper and better sleep.

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Backrest pillow makes reading in bed easier

In all types of backrest pillows on the market today, foam pillow Ru9 is one of the pillows worth buying, With the function of both a pillow and a soft backrest pillow.

Nuu pillow uses modern and high-quality materials

The Niu Ru9 pillow core uses modern Graphene Memory Foam technology that is capable of providing optimal heat dissipation as soon as you lean back or lie down. Foam material in pillowcase has a structure of open, breathable particles that do not cause heat , irritability, sweating while sleeping. At the same time release pressure, effectively support the head - neck - shoulders when in contact with the pillow.

Niu Ru9 pillowcase uses Tencel Knitted Fabric, which is very soft and has special moisture absorption, creating a cool feeling when lying down. With this material, the Niu Ru9 pillowcase is also highly durable, less prone to wrinkles and shrinking after the cleaning process. The Tencel fabric in the Ru9 Niu pillow meets the STANDARD 100 set of criteria OEKO-TEX® - compiled by a team of industry leading experts compliance with international standards. Therefore, you can rest assured to use it because the Niu pillow is completely safe for users' health, providing effective sleep quality.

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With a good night's sleep with Niu pillow, every day Waking up in the morning will feel more refreshed

The Niu Ru9 pillow provides perfect support for the head - neck - shoulders and "indescribable" comfort when both lying down and leaning back . The pillow has a height of 12cm which is extremely suitable for the body shape of Vietnamese people. With this height, the Niu pillow ensures the natural curvature of the cervical spine when sleeping, providing a comfortable feeling when leaning back for a long time. The pillow is also used with a zipper to wrap around ¾ of the pillow and sewn inside, both increasing the aesthetics and still being easy to change and clean the pillowcase in a convenient way.

With the above features, Niu pillow will definitely be a perfect choice to make your sleep more complete. In particular, you can fully experience 100 nights of sleeping on Niu pillows and order free delivery. In a year of using the pillow, if an error occurs during use, Ru9 will receive the pillow back and exchange it for a new one so that you can always feel secure and trust in using the product. If you want a comfortable pillow and perfect back support pillow, please contact Ru9 immediately via Website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice, purchase and support free shipping nationwide!

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