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Experiences Mothers Must Know When Choosing Baby Pillows

Experiences Mothers Must Know When Choosing Baby Pillows

Baby pillows are very diverse in materials and designs. Therefore, choosing a good pillow to help babies have a full sleep is what mothers are always concerned about. So should I let my baby use a pillow and how should I choose to buy a pillow for my baby? Let's pocket a few experiences with Ru9 when choosing a baby pillow.

Should babies use pillows when sleeping?

Hugging pillows are no longer strange in every family, many people have a habit of hugging pillows since childhood and will feel a little uncomfortable if they sleep without this pillow. The act of hugging also creates many positive emotions. According to Huffington Post, hugging helps people increase the happiness hormone oxytocin and reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol. A soft, cuddly pillow is essential to being your baby's companion in bed. Especially, when the baby is in the tactile development stage, the skin is often very sensitive, hugging the pillow while sleeping makes the baby feel comfortable and safe like a mother beside her.

The body pillow makes the baby feel warm and soft like hugging his mother

Sleeping position is also very important, affecting blood circulation and strengthening the immune system while sleeping. When you sleep soundly, you will not be aware of your sleeping position, a pillow for your baby will help your arms, legs or shoulders not be pressed against each other, support blood circulation, and recharge for a day. new with a healthy immune system.

For hug pillows, babies can be used at different ages. From 3 to 12 months old, the pillow plays the role of a mother, always covering the beautiful little bed so that the baby feels secure and less sensitive to fear and insecurity. From 12 months old, baby pillow is a friend to help you fall asleep.

Should you replace your baby's pillow with a stuffed animal?

Colorful stuffed animals always bring excitement to children. However, only buy stuffed animals as toys or display them in the baby's room. Because stuffed animals have many different shapes, they can interfere with blood circulation and synchronize organs while sleeping. In addition, stuffed animals are not a specialized product to hug, when sleeping, there will be accompanying accessories made of different hard materials that can be dangerous to sensitive organs such as the eyes, nose, mouth.

goi cho be
Do not replace pillowcases with stuffed animals

The body pillow is designed in a cylindrical shape, with the main purpose of hugging and giving your baby a good night's sleep. Therefore, to support a full sleep, a hug pillow is a more suitable choice for your baby.

What material and design should I choose for a baby pillow?

For children, health is the most important. When choosing a hug pillow, parents should learn carefully about the material and origin of the pillow because the baby's skin is very sensitive. It will be more secure if the material of the pillow is certified to be safe for health when used.

In addition, the weight and strength of young children are certainly not equal to those of adults, so consider choosing pillows with good but moderate elasticity to help your baby easily switch to many ways of hugging, responding comfortably. all sleeping positions.

In addition, the softer, smoother and cooler the material, the faster the child will fall asleep. Babies are very sensitive to noise, especially in the first 6-12 months because their sleep cycle is very short, can choose pillows that do not make a lot of noise when turning.

mua goi cho be
Soft, smooth material helps me easily fall into a deep sleep

When hugging pillows for a long time, many children will get used to their friend and become somewhat unfamiliar with other pillows. Therefore, a pillow with high durability not only saves parents' money, but also does not take much time for the baby to get used to new pillows.

Especially, when choosing pillows, you should choose pillows that are within reach of the baby, not too small or too short, so that when hugging the pillow, the baby can keep the shoulder part of the baby. I am comfortable and maintain the natural state of the spine.

Popular types of body pillows for babies on the market

Baby pillow made from cotton

This type of pillow is quite popular in the Vietnamese market. Soft pillow, relatively cheap price. However, pillows made from cotton are not durable and easily deformed after a short time of use.

The latex body pillow

Rubber hugging pillows also receive the attention of many people, the pillow has good durability, high elasticity. However, if you don't design many ventilation holes, the pillow will absorb heat and cause a feeling of heat in the summer. High elasticity is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Elasticity helps to better support the body, but the high elastic force can make it difficult for the baby to hold. The price of rubber pillows on the market is also quite high.

Cotton pillow

Cotton hugging pillow creates a cool feeling, does not cause heat and ruffles like pillows made of cotton. However, the softness of Cotton will not equal cotton pillows.

Cushion with a combination of foam and cotton

This type of pillow overcomes the shortcomings of cotton pillows. Foam particles include millions of air particles connected together to create good support for each body point. This special combination gives a harmonious texture between the moderate elasticity of the foam and the smooth, smooth cotton. Of course, the cost of a pillow made of foam and cotton will be higher than a pillow made of cotton.

Baby pillow with modern material combining foam and soft cotton, supporting each point of the body, is one of the choices. Good for you to have a good night's sleep. Currently, Ru9 is one of the leading brands to create products with this special combination.

goi om cho be
Ru9 embracing pillow is flexible thanks to the combination of foam and soft cotton

You can learn more about 5 types of high-quality pillow inserts on the market at the article này.

Outstanding advantages of Ru9 hug pillow suitable for babies

In terms of quality, Ru9 hug pillow is certified as one of the first brands in Vietnam to achieve STANDARD 100 word certification OEKO-TEX - an independent and comprehensive international certification for textile products. Ru9 ensures children's health and safety and the material is completely environmentally friendly.

Ru9 body pillow ensures safety for children's health and is environmentally friendly

Chất liệu của Ru9's body pillow it is a special combination of foam and cotton, which can flexibly change to suit all sleeping positions of the baby. Besides, the outer Tencel shell of the pillow uses fabric finishing technology to improve the feeling of softness and coolness compared to regular cotton, helping babies have a good and smooth sleep, without making noises. noise when shifting.

goi om cho be
Premium, soft and cool Tencel shell gives your baby a good night's sleep

<3 body in a comfortable and warm way.

Ru9 baby pillow for mom's convenience

The Ru9 Body Pillow is very easy to clean thanks to the Tencel zippered cover that comes hidden inside the pillow body. In addition, the mother can easily disassemble and move the pillow along with the baby's trips. The Ru9 body pillow also helps the baby have a deep sleep and does not disturb the mother, thus also helping the mother enjoy a better sleep.

Sleep is created to revive energy after a long day, build resistance to help baby healthy and brain development later. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Ru9 to own the most suitable pillow, soft for baby's skin and safe for health. With special materials, pillow Ru9 will definitely be a suitable product for your baby, helping him sleep better and restore energy for a long active day.

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