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How to Choose a Pregnancy Pillow for Full Sleep During Pregnancy

How to Choose a Pregnancy Pillow for Full Sleep During Pregnancy

Pregnancy pillow is one of the items that provide necessary support for the body. body and sleep of pregnant women during pregnancy. But how to choose a pillow for a comfortable sleeping position and still ensure the health of mother and baby? We invite you to find out through the article below of Ru9.

The difference of pregnancy pillows

Regular hug pillows have an elongated shape while pregnancy pillows have a different design, popular with U-shaped pillows. big. Pregnant women often have signs of muscle pain, body fatigue, need a pillow that hugs the whole body to reduce pressure on painful areas and support the pregnant belly when lying down, especially from the 7th month to the time of delivery. .

Benefits of pregnancy pillow

According to experts at the National Sleep Foundation (NSF): “It is very difficult for pregnant women to have get a good night's sleep for a number of reasons. As the fetus grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for pregnant women to find a more comfortable sleeping position at night." Therefore, the hugging pillows will help pregnant women have a comfortable lying position, easily sleep better and deeper.

A pregnancy pillow can also be help blood circulation easier, reduced pressure on the spine, back and hips. Also improves the alignment of hips, shoulders and spine. Thereby, helping to prevent body aches. "Pregnancy pillows are a tool to prevent pregnant women from sleeping on their stomachs when sleeping in uncomfortable and dangerous positions," the Parenting Healthy Babies website shares.

Even after giving birth, the hugging pillow for pregnant women also supports nursing mothers during postpartum recovery and helps with breastfeeding or activities other postpartum.

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pregnant mother sleeping on sofa
Pregnancy pillow is an item that any pregnant woman should have
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Criteria for choosing a pregnancy pillow

With the benefits that pregnancy pillows bring to the health of mothers and babies, choosing products This product also needs to be careful. Want to find a good pregnancy pillow in a variety of hugging pillows on the market today, you should note the following criteria:

  • Have a smoothness and limit the rustling sound when turning over: Pregnant mother's body during pregnancy very sensitive period. Therefore, a soft and comfortable pregnancy pillow will help pregnant women feel more comfortable.

  • Materials that are safe for health: Materials used to produce pregnancy pillows directly affect health of mother and fetus when used.

    • For pillow cores: you should give priority to choosing materials that combine safe and healthy foam and cotton.

    • For pillowcases: you should choose materials that absorb well, create ventilation and coolness when in contact with the body

  • Good support ability, no subsidence: pregnancy pillow focuses on maximum support of the pregnant mother's body, help relieve the feeling of heaviness as the fetus grows every day.

  • Durable: pillows for pregnant women need to be durable and help pregnant women reuse after giving birth and save costs.

  • The shape of a pregnancy pillow: Usually a pregnancy pillow Usually U-shaped, but in fact two other types are C-shaped or wedge-shaped golf clubs. Depending on the needs of the pregnant woman, the C-shaped pillow will support the back of the abdomen and neck, the wedge-shaped pregnancy pillow focuses more on the abdomen and legs. The most outstanding is the U-shaped pillow, which supports the whole body, especially the back, abdomen, neck and legs - areas prone to fatigue during pregnancy.

  • Easy to clean: Pregnancy pillows need to bring convenience, not too difficult for pregnant women to do

pregnant woman holding a u-shaped pillow

Pregnant women sleep better when have a pregnancy pillow beside you

Ru9 hug pillow - the solution to help pregnant women enjoy a full night's sleep

Designed with a unique design and using materials that are safe for health, < /span>Ru9 hug pillow is a reliable sleeping pillow for pregnant mothers, helping pregnant mothers every night experience the feeling of warmth, comfort and good sleep.

High quality materials

Ru9 hug pillow cover uses Tencel Knitted Fabric material, which is soft and smooth, much cooler than normal knitted fabric, giving a feeling of breathability. Cool and effectively absorb sweat when used.

Besides, the Ru9 body pillow is a combination of CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam and premium natural cotton for flexible movement, Compatible with different body shapes and hugs.

Modern Design

Different from the designs of J-pillow, F-pillow, U-shaped pillow for pregnancy, Ru9 hug pillow has a round belly, corresponds to the abdomen of the body when hugging. This design supports sleeping with many positions, especially the side sleeping position that is good for the fetus. The Ru9 hug pillow cover is also designed with a zipper attached, both increasing the aesthetics and easy to take out for cleaning and washing.

The gray pillow hugs the middle next to the carton

Ru9 hug pillow is made of high quality material level with modern design

Size in balance

Suitable 115cm length, hugs along the body, bringing a smooth, comfortable feeling to the pregnant mother's body. The height is higher than normal pillows, enough to keep the shoulders from falling forward, helping the spine to keep its original shape comfortably.


Ru9 hug pillow perfectly supports, especially the abdomen and shoulders when sleeping on the side, is the ideal pillow for pregnant women to support their belly. At the same time, it provides a soft and comfortable feeling, helping you to maintain a comfortable and warm feeling while sleeping.

With the above advantages, Ru9 hug pillow is a suitable pregnancy pillow, helping pregnant women enjoy a full night's sleep during pregnancy. In addition, if an error occurs during the first year of using the Ru9 hug pillow, you will be covered by a 1-for-1 warranty so that you can always feel secure and trust in using the product. If you are looking for a good and durable pregnancy pillow, please contact Ru9 via website or Facebook < a class="in-cell-link" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" style="color: #444444;">Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice, purchase and free nationwide delivery!

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