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Should Side Sleepers Buy A Young Latex Hugging Pillow?

Should Side Sleepers Buy A Young Latex Hugging Pillow?

Sleeping on the side is considered the favorite sleeping position of many people. Some people choose to sleep on their left side, while others prefer to sleep on their right side. However, no matter which side you lean, you also need a companion pillow, so that your body can find the most comfortable position when sleeping.

The importance of a pillow for side sleepers

After a long day, resting on the bed and leaning on a soft pillow is the relaxing feeling that many people want. Hugging pillows will be the perfect fulcrum for the body, especially for those who have a habit sleeping on your side because the following benefits:

  • Helps support the neck, shoulders, back and hips naturally
  • Effective support for spine shaping
  • Prevent diseases of cervical vertebrae, back vertebrae
  • Long-term musculoskeletal protection.
  • Reduces pressure on arms and legs, avoids waking up fatigue
  • Helps blood circulate easily, limiting the risk of cardiovascular disease

For side sleepers, there is a hugging pillow

what's wrong with it
Cushion helps limit the risk of carpal tunnel in side sleepers

Effect of young latex pillows on sleep of side sleepers

Low latex pillow is a product made from Polyurethane (PU) or Synthetic Rubber with added additives to increase elasticity to have the same characteristics as natural rubber. Latex hug pillows are made into a variety of shapes and sizes to meet everyone's preferences and sleeping positions.

For side sleepers, the soft latex pillow has high elasticity and good softness. Young latex pillows are cheaper, less allergenic and do not smell like rubber like natural rubber pillows. However, when used continuously for a long time, the young rubber pillow quickly collapses and does not provide long-term comfort, and is economically expensive.

In addition, although it is considered to have good elasticity and smoothness, some types of young latex pillows today have poor ventilation and are easy to use. cause hot tunnel when hugging, causing discomfort, secretive when sleeping. Many products also use poor quality materials, potentially harmful substances, not safe for users' health.

rubber wrap
Poor pillow material will adversely affect sleep quality

Ru9 Hugging Pillow - the perfect choice for side sleepers

<3 This is the first foam pillow in Vietnam combined with high quality cotton. Foam has the effect of supporting the body, especially the shoulders and hips when sleeping on the side. While cotton creates a soft feeling when sleeping. With this combination, the foam and cotton particles in the Ru9 hug pillow will create flexible movements, bringing the feeling of "hug to be hugged" that no other product can do.

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<3 healthy and environmentally friendly. The foam material in the Ru9 pillow core meets rigorous foam standards, as certified by CertiPUR-US®. In addition, the Ru9 hug pillow uses a fabric knitted with Tencel weaving technique to create coolness on contact, which has met the criteria of STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® safe for user health. In addition, the pillow cover is designed with a removable zipper, which is easy for you to periodically wash and dry, keeping the pillow in a fresh and clean condition. Therefore, you can rest assured to use Ru9 pillow while sleeping.

scrambled rubber
Ru9 Hugging Pillow gives you great physical and mental benefits

Another plus point when compared to the soft latex pillow is that the Ru9 hug pillow is designed with a slightly protruding abdomen, hugging the body when lying on the side. , brings a pleasant warm feeling. At the same time, it supports the pinched parts and protects the body against bone and joint problems. With a length of 115cm, suitable for the average Vietnamese body, Ru9 hug pillow is compatible with different body shapes and hugs to help you sleep deeper and better, especially for side sleepers.

<3 rubber. Do not hesitate to contact Ru9 via website< /span> for consultation, purchase and free shipping support nationwide fee!

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