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A quick sleep pillow takes care of the sound sleep of all members of your family.

If you are looking for a solution to improve the quality of your sleep, you cannot ignore the fast sleeping pillow. Let's find products to help you fall asleep faster and deeper from Ru9!
A quick sleep pillow takes care of the sound sleep of all members of your family.

Are you wondering which pillow to choose for your sleep? Let's learn about quick sleep pillow with Ru9 to help you ensure a better and faster sleep. Let's get started now!

A good pillow will put you to sleep faster
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How to choose a pillow fast to help you sleep more fully

Everybody understands how important sleep is to our health and every day activities. Especially, if you have ever fallen into a state of insomnia or feel neck and shoulder pain every time you wake up, you will certainly see how essential it is to choose a good sleeping pillow.

Then you will need to look for a sleeping pillow product that quickly helps us to fall asleep, and at the same time helps the body can be relaxed.

To meet this, a pillow that helps you sleep quickly needs to have a structure that supports and fully hugs the shoulders and neck, with the right height. Suitable for all different sleeping positions, whether lying on your back or lying on your side. At the same time, when considering the quality of a fast sleeping pillow, you also need to pay attention to the ability to dissipate heat to help your neck not sweat, to help you sleep comfortably.

Niu Graphene Foam Ru9 Sleeping Pillow is the solution to help you fall asleep faster

The Niu Ru9 sleeping pillow is made from the world's most advanced graphene memory foam material.

Niu Ru9 pillow has good elasticity and support
New Ru9 sleeping pillow ensures faster sleep

The Graphene Foam material in the Niu Ru9 sleeping pillow has high flexibility thereby providing full soft support with the ideal height for the head and neck. your neck. Right from the moment you lie down, you can feel the foam embracing the right curve of your neck, making the head soft and comfortable, making you quickly fall asleep. With this flexibility, the Niu pillow is capable of responding to different weights in the head and neck of each person, providing the most suitable height, helping the nerves to relax and blood circulation. As a result, every morning you wake up, you will no longer feel pain or discomfort.

  • To ensure the breathability of the Niu Pillow, the pillow's cover is made of Tencel, which is absolutely breathable. cool. At the same time, this material has been recognized by OEKO-TEX for its safety for users. In addition, the cover is designed with a zipper to make it easy to remove for cleaning.
Quick sleep pillow gives you more energy
Niu Ru9 sleeping pillow perfectly supports the neck and is cool when sleeping

Owning a fast sleeping pillow from Ru9 is easy

To own Niu pillow from Ru9 to help you quickly fall into a deep sleep, you can order directly at website, message at Facebook Fanpage Ru9 - The Sleep Company or visit the product experience space at 7 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien ward, District 2, City. Ho Chi Minh.

In order to bring the best experience to customers, Ru9 applies a policy of 100 nights of trial sleep for all products, making it easy for you to test sleep with the same product to make the most accurate decision. Within 100 nights, if you are not satisfied, Ru9 will take the item back and give you a 100% refund.

With the construction of advanced Graphene Foam, the Niu Ru9 pillow helps you easily fall into a deeper and more complete sleep. Hopefully, through this article of Ru9, you will know how to choose a good pillow to protect your sleep as well as that of your family.