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How does a good sleeping pillow affect your sleep?

Getting a good night's sleep is something we all want. But sleep depends a lot on the choice of mattress and pillow. So how does a pillow affect your sleep, let's find out with Ru9 through the article below!
How does a good sleeping pillow affect your sleep?
Getting a good night's sleep is something we all want. But sleep depends a lot on the choice of mattress and pillow. So how does a pillow affect your sleep, let's find out with Ru9 through the article below!

The reason you have trouble sleeping Sleep is the key to regaining energy after a long tiring day at work. However, if you fall into a state of difficulty sleeping, not sleeping deeply will make your health decline. So what caused you to have this situation?
  • Stressful daily work makes you stressed, or worries lead to trouble sleeping.
  • You use certain types of addictive substances, stimulants such as coffee, tobacco, alcohol,…
  • Because you eat too much before going to bed, it causes stomach upset and discomfort.
  • You use inappropriate mattress and pillow products that cause gas. Make your body uncomfortable, have to turn over often.
  • Or because you use poor quality mattress products, causing spine pain and uncomfortable body. Or the pillow you are using causes neck and shoulder pain.

Does pillow determine sleep quality?

Sleeping pillows are considered essential items for your sleep. And a good pillow will determine the quality of your sleep. Because if you choose an inappropriate sleeping pillow such as too high, you will often experience neck and shoulder pain. On the other hand, choosing the wrong pillow will cause your blood vessels to circulate poorly, which is the cause of fatigue and discomfort.
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Pillow determines the quality of your sleep

You know, the choice of pillow has a huge influence on the quality of sleep. A good sleeping pillow will bring many benefits to you. Pillows not only help you have a good night's sleep but also give you good health.

How to choose a good pillow?

How can you choose a pillow for a good night's sleep? You just need to note a few things below, the choosing a pillow will be easy:

Lying position

If you have a habit of lying on your back, you should choose soft pillows with a moderate thickness of 12-15cm to help keep your neck and spine comfortable.

Good support

Depending on the material, size and durability of the pillow, it will determine the ability to support the head and neck. You need to choose a pillow that, even if you lie in any position, has good support. And make the head, neck, shoulders feel comfortable and comfortable when lying down.

High heat dissipation

Head and neck are the two hottest parts of the body. Therefore, the body heat from this place easily causes the pillow to sink in the middle of the night, thereby putting pressure on the neck. The pillow needs to have good heat dissipation to ensure the "standard" support as well as provide a cool feeling all night long.


The pillow material determines 70% of a good night's sleep. There are many types of sleeping pillows on the market with different materials, but the foam material is known for its high elasticity, good heat dissipation and support as well as limiting bone and joint diseases in the neck and shoulders.


On the market, there are many types of pillows that are introduced as cheap sleeping pillows from only 100-500,000 VND, but the actual experience is not as expected. Therefore, you need to invest in a good sleeping pillow as a way of taking care of your body with high-quality Vietnamese products like the Niu pillow at Ru9.


The average durability of pillows lasts 1-3 years. Therefore, buying a high-quality pillow means changing the pillow often. In addition, the durability of the pillow depends on the material, the way it is stored and the warranty policy of the brand.

Warranty Policy

With cheap floating pillows, there is no warranty or only 1-3 months after purchase, but in Ru9, each All pillows have samples on display at the showroom so that customers can experience and provide a 5-year pillow warranty for each pillow sold.

Ru9 pillow gives you a good night's sleep

Good night pillow has an important role that directly affects your sleep. But to choose a reputable brand or mattress store to buy pillows, perhaps this is a concern for many users. Ru9 – The first sleep specialist in Vietnam has understood the importance of the pillow. And Ru9 has launched the Niu Ru9 pillow.

Optimal support for perfect sleep New Ru9 Pillow is a line of foam pillows designed from advanced Graphene foam material to help support the head and neck tangles, ensuring that it meets the criteria of a quality pillow. This material is being evaluated as having the best heat dissipation ability today to help your sleep always be ventilated.
In addition, the Niu Ru9 pillow core is also designed to match the curvature of the body, gives users a comfortable, pleasant feeling.

Ru9 pillow is designed with ideal height, high flexibility, self Can be adjusted to any position. Not only that, the pillowcase is covered with soft, airy Tencel fabric with a zip lock design.

This makes it easy for users to clean quickly and conveniently. convenient. The outstanding features of the Niu Ru9 pillow will surely give you a good night's sleep.

Besides, it also helps you improve shoulder pain. You can also choose to buy the same one hugging pillow for perfect sleep. So what are you wondering about without ordering a pillow right away for yourself a good night pillow Ru9. Contact Ru9 immediately via website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice and quick ordering.

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