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Discover and choose the right pillow for each family

Discover and choose the right pillow for each family
Pillow is an indispensable item in daily life, because a good pillow will help bring good sleep and recharge after a day of studying. and work tirelessly for the whole family. So what kind of pillow will help you sleep most effectively? Discover the right pillows for your family with Ru9!
Choose a family-friendly pillow
Choose the right pillow for your family

Learn about pillows

Currently, there are many different types of pillows on the market on the market. Each type of pillow has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the quality of the product. The following is general information about the various types of pillows popular in the mattress market today.

Natural latex pillow

The main material to make this quality pillow is 100% natural latex. A high-quality pillow from natural rubber has a durability of up to decades. Natural latex pillows with high elasticity help support the head and neck area, providing a good night's sleep. Therefore, the price of this pillow is always in the top of the high-priced pillows of the latex pillow line. In addition, natural latex pillows are antibacterial and resistant to dirt, which means that the product does not need to be regularly cleaned.

Silk pillow

Silk pillow is made from thin, completely natural silk fibers, so it has the outstanding advantage of being compact in weight. The telltale sign of a high-quality sleeping pillow made from silk is that it's breathable, keeps heat well, cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. However, the silk material itself does not have the ability to support, so the person lying down is easy to sink when sleeping until the middle of the night.

The market for pillows is diverse, with many different types
The pillow market is diverse, with many different types

Cotton pillow

Cotton pillow has always been a popular product loved by Vietnamese people because of its lightness, comfort and affordable price. Cotton pillow keeps you comfortable at first by its floating feeling. But similar to silk, cotton is not able to support and cause subsidence at night.

Feather pillow

This is a pillow with outstanding features by the feathers of poultry that have been treated with sterilization and antibacterial treatment. Feather pillows are loved for their softness, buoyancy, and comfort. The lifespan of this type of pillow is quite high, about 10-15 years. Feather pillows have durability, lightness, ventilation and good warmth. However, also because of the lack of support, feather pillows can cause your neck pain when you wake up, they will gradually sink and cannot support your neck according to its curve.

Foam pillow with many outstanding features
Foam pillow with many outstanding features

Foam pillow

Foam pillow is a new product on the Vietnamese market. Foam material is a new and preferred material in the mattress industry in developed countries. The advantage of this material is that it has the ability to perfectly support the neck while still keeping the favorite softness and buoyancy. Foam pillows have good elasticity, providing optimal and complete support for the head and neck, effectively protecting the spine. In addition, the foam material also has high breathability, creating a cool feeling when used.

How to choose the right pillow for each family

Besides choosing your own sleeping pillow in line with the above characteristics, you should also pay attention to the issues of the size and softness of the pillow.
You should choose a pillow suitable for your head and shoulder size, do not choose a pillow that is too low or too high. Pillows lying too low not only make you uncomfortable, but also harmful to health. Because sleeping for a long time on a low pillow causes a lot of blood to be pumped to the brain, which will make it difficult to sleep. In addition, the neck bone is not in the right position, it will cause headaches and shoulder pain.
Choosing a pillow that is too high will also affect sleep and physical health. Your substance is affected. Sleeping a lot on high pillows will cause the cervical spine to bend, affect the bony discs and cause other serious problems.

Nuu Ru9 pillow cherish your sleep
New Ru9 pillow cherish your sleep

New Graphene Foam Pillow - more than just a pillow

Understanding your anxiety, Ru9 has launched a pillow line called Niu Graphene Foam Pillow. Made of high quality material. graphene foam Advanced, exclusive, Niu Graphene Foam pillow provides optimal support for sleep Your sleep with 3 outstanding features: ideal height, perfect support, cool all night.

Niu pillow not only brings comfort and softness to the body but also helps to improve mental health after a good night's sleep. Niu Graphene Foam Pillow helps to support the neck according to the natural curvature of the body all night long. Graphene material effectively dissipates heat so that the heat in the head is dissipated as soon as you lie down.

Moreover, OEKO-TEX has certified that the Niu Graphene Foam pillow with Tencel fabric is safe for users' health. Niu pillow has fully met the Standard 100 OEKO-TEX - by a team of leading experts in combination with international standards.

Ru9 hopes that with the above useful sharing about high-class pillows, you will have a choice choose the right pillow to protect your sleep. With outstanding and different features, Niu Graphene Foam pillow will definitely be the ideal choice for you to take care of your sleep. So feel free to contact Ru9 via website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company to directly Try out this pillow and enjoy a good night's sleep!

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