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A memory foam pillow takes care of a whole night's sleep.

One of the pillows that help to take good care of sleep today is memory foam pillows. Join Ru9 to immediately discover the outstanding features of memory foam pillows through the following article.
A memory foam pillow takes care of a whole night's sleep.

Good sleep is the source of energy that helps the body operate on its own healing mechanism. Therefore, good sleep is the most important factor for health care. One of the types pillow helping to take good care of sleep today is memory foam pillow< span style="font-weight: 400;">. Join Ru9 to discover the preeminent features of memory foam pillows through the following article.

The role of good sleep

Sleep is an integral part of basic human biology. Sleep helps both our mind and body relieve stress after a long day of work. Moreover, when we go to sleep, our body will secrete a special hormone to help metabolism, accumulate necessary energy, rearrange information in the brain and consolidate memory. This process helps the body to develop and adapt better in life.

Foam pillows help you sleep peacefully

More specifically, when we completely fall asleep, the brain will enter the storage phase, removing the toxic accumulated after a day long operation. During sleep, cerebrospinal fluid flows through small canal systems that carry toxic substances down to the liver for processing.

So, if you don't get enough sleep, what harm will it cause?

Without deep sleep, the nerve cells are affected causing communication at the cellular level to be reduced because the brain is not cleaned up. So, when we have insomnia or lack of sleep, this function will be disrupted, adversely affecting our ability to think and remember. At this time, you also tend to daydream, lose the ability to concentrate more than usual.

Many studies have shown that in addition to negative effects such as impaired memory, vision problems, slow reactions, not getting enough sleep In the long term, it also increases the risk of dangerous diseases for health such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's.

Niu pillow from Ru9 - the perfect solution for a good night's sleep

To comprehensively improve the sleep of Vietnamese consumers, Ru9 has not only stopped at mattress foam but also developed Niu pillow - this is the product line sleeping pillow fast at Ru9.

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Memory Foam pillow cradles your neck and shoulders

Advantages that Niu pillows bring to users

1. Optimum support in any lying position

Born as Niu, this special friend is made of innovative graphene memory foam. Foam pillow material provides optimal support for the head and neck. Without this support, not only can you not sleep well, but you are also prone to injury to your neck and spine.

2. Cool during a long sleep

In addition to its perfect support, Graphene foam is the most effective heat dissipation material available today. Therefore, when lying on the Niu Ru9 pillow, the heat in the head - the hottest part of the body is dissipated almost immediately, providing optimal comfort and without causing subsidence.

3. Easy to clean and safe for health

Also, sleeping pillow is also designed with an ideal height, flexibly adjusting to any position Which sleeping position is the most comfortable? Moreover, the pillow cover has a removable zip lock, making it easy to wash and clean, ensuring a clean sleeping environment.

Preferential policies when choosing pillows New - Ru9

With the desire to accompany your quality sleep for a long time, Niu pillows are guaranteed by Ru9 for 1 to 1 within 2 years. Moreover, in order to give customers the most authentic experience of Niu pillow, Ru9 offers you 100 nights of testing at home.

Within the first 100 nights, if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can return it and Ru9 will refund it. 100% money. To make the experience easier, Niu pillows will be shipped from Ru9 mattress store Completely free to your home.

Memory Foam pillow improves your health

Ru9 believes that the Niu pillow is an important piece that changes the sleeping experience of Vietnamese people. When you are laid on this pillow, a good night's sleep will come to you and bring you an energetic spirit every new day. Please contact Ru9 immediately via website or showroom Ru9 to choose to buy New pillows!