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Sleep better with the ideal height of Memory foam pillows

If you are looking for a product to protect your sleep, you certainly cannot ignore Ru9's Memory foam pillow. Now let's learn more about this product.
Sleep better with the ideal height of Memory foam pillows

Do you know how important sleep is to your health? If sleep is not comfortable, it will affect mental as well as health. To help you get a good night's sleep, Ru9 brings you memory foam pillows. Let's find out with Ru9 through the article below!

What is a memory foam pillow?

Some people are still wondering if memory foam pillows are good for sleep? Choosing a suitable pillow product is also one of the effective ways to ease your sleep problems. Currently, memory foam pillow products are being known and chosen by many people as the "savior" to help you have a good and deep sleep.

Ru9 - Cherish your sleep

Memory foam is widely used in European and American countries. The characteristics of memory foam are high elasticity and good elasticity.

Memory foam was invented by NASA and is used as the main padding material in astronaut vests. In addition, memory foam is also the main material in sleep care products such as memory foam pillow or foam mattress. Therefore, the products made from this material have the function of supporting the spine, reducing some joint pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Features of memory foam pillows

Memory foam pillow has a higher density than other common pillows. This type of pillow is produced for medicine, very good for health, so it does not cause skin allergies. Here are some key features of this pillow:

  • With a moderate height design to help the nerves relax and relax, helping blood circulation and put you into a deep sleep.
  • Gives a soft and smooth feel, comfortable, helps you have a good night's sleep.
  • The memory foam pillow has better elasticity than other materials, so it is able to hug the body. head, neck and shoulders while sleeping. Besides, it also helps you to stay in position and limit lying in the wrong position.
  • Support treatment of diseases of bones, joints and muscles of the neck, support the body, reduce pressure when sleep.
  • Memory foam does not cause skin irritation, safe for users.
Memory foam pillow properties

Choose pillow New - Ru9

Niu - Ru9 pillow is a complete combination of high-end memory foam technology to help you support your body perfectly. In addition, Ru9 has used Graphene for Niu pillow products - one of the materials with optimal heat dissipation, providing a cool and comfortable feeling when sleeping. In addition, you will be impressed with the ideal height of the pillow, helping you to always feel comfortable when lying in any position.

New Ru9 Pillow - Smart choice for your sleep

Foam mattress and Niu pillow is the perfect combination that Ru9 wants to bring to you. This product duo will help you get the best sleep experience. The combination of two products mattress foam and Niu pillow will help fully support your body, create a level of comfort. Optimal comfort and then put you to sleep. This is why you should choose the Niu Ru9 pillow to accompany your sleep.

Memory foam Ru9 pillow - protect your sleep

With 100 free nights of sleep, you'll be able to enjoy your experience with Ru9's foam mattresses and memory foam pillows. As a company specializing in sleep, Ru9 always applies advanced technologies to create the best quality products to meet the needs of customers to improve sleep.

Let Ru9 be your sleep companion!