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Neck pillow - The solution to the "nightmare" of neck and shoulder pain

Using a neck pillow can help us reduce pain in the neck and around the neck - one of the most common ailments among office workers and the elderly. Let's find out about this pillow with this article!

Neck pillow - The solution to the

The neck is one of the most flexible areas of motion on the human body. Therefore, because of some nature of work and activities, the neck is easy to fall into a state of fatigue and pain. To improve this problem, you can find yourself a suitable neck pillow. Let's choose the perfect neck pillow with Ru9!

The “miracle” impact of a neck pillow for each person

During daily activities, your neck and head are often active and it is also easy to fall into incorrect postures such as when sitting at work, while driving or when watching movies, surfing the web. Therefore, sleep is the time for the joints, bones and nerves in this part to rest and recover. It is true that each person can spend up to a quarter of their life sleeping, but using the right neck pillow during this process is often neglected.

Neck pillow helps you sleep well

Humans have a special body structure and relatively large weight, so using an appropriate neck pillow will help you sleep smoothly and comfortable in any lying position. In addition to comfort throughout your sleep, a pillow helps support your head, neck, nape, and spine. When sleeping, without a neck pillow, your head and neck will lose support. From there, this condition gradually causes pain and numbness, more serious can damage the muscles in the neck.

Little tips on choosing the right neck pillow

Are you wondering how to choose the right neck pillow? So please take a few minutes to refer to the suggestions below::

  • Elevation, reasonable stiffness
  • Every person has a different sleeping position, so when choosing a pillow, you should pay attention to the height and firmness. The neck pillow needs to meet the criteria of supporting the head and neck, reducing pressure on the spine. Most importantly, the amount of pressure you create when lying on your side, back and stomach is different, which requires the pillow to be able to adjust flexibly to each position.

    How to choose a quality neck pillow
  • Fast heat dissipation
  • The human head and neck are the part of the body with the highest temperature - this is a fact that we often overlook. Therefore, heat will quickly be generated when you come into contact with the pillow. This temperature can cause deformation of some common materials such as cotton, feathers, etc., making them no longer retain their original features. Therefore, when choosing a pillow, you should consider whether the material has enough breathability and the ability to transfer heat to the outside environment.

    The ultimate solution from Ru9 for choosing a high quality neck pillow

    Understanding the importance of sleep for each person, and especially through thorough research, Ru9 has launched a pillow product. High quality neck - Niu Graphene Foam pillow.

    Choose a quality neck pillow for your sleep

    Niu pillow products have a special structure with advanced Graphene Foam material. Thanks to this material, the Niu pillow solves the two core tasks of a good neck pillow: the first is the perfect support from the cervical spine to the head, making you feel comfortable no matter where you lie. a pose. In addition, Graphene Foam material combined with Tencel cover provides coolness throughout the night thanks to good heat dissipation and sweat absorption. This neck pillow is designed with good elasticity, the ideal thickness to help shape the head, adjust to the lying position for you to feel the full comfort during sleep.

    Lots of customers have given good feedback about this product as well as Ru9's 100-night home test program. “I have trouble sleeping. Bought a lot of pillows but still can't sleep well. But after knowing and experiencing Ru9's products, I was quite surprised. I thought I didn't sleep well, but who expected it to be incredibly good, everyone. SIMPLE, DELICIOUS design, beautiful packaging, COMFORTABLE, COMFORTABLE pillow, especially NOT causing neck pain. Personally, this is a great product.” - Mr. Long Pham shared.

    And you, are you ready to experience the Niu pillow from Ru9? Hopefully through this article you can be more confident when choosing a neck pillow for yourself and those around you!