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Is it better to sleep on a hard pillow or a soft pillow?

Did you know pillow and lying position are closely related? When you find yourself a suitable pillow, your sleep will be complete and more profound. So is the pillow hard?gối mềm ngủ ngon than you?
Is it better to sleep on a hard pillow or a soft pillow?

Sleeping pillow is one of those “companions” that almost everyone needed to serve his sleep. However, today, many people are still confused between choosing a hard pillow or a soft pillow to use. Through the following article, Ru9 will help you answer this question in the most specific way, stay tuned!

Hard pillow or soft pillow, which pillow does not cause neck and shoulder pain when sleeping

Choosing a hard pillow or sleeping soft pillow< /i> takes up a lot of the influence of pillow quality

If you feel neck pain every time you wake up and it's getting worse, the problem may be in the pillow you're using. Choosing a suitable neck pillow will greatly affect to each person's sleep.

Really good hard pillow soft pillow help span>sleep well depends a lot on the quality of the pillow. Pillows that are too hard will make you uncomfortable when sleeping because there is no elasticity, easy to cause neck fatigue and aches. But don't assume that just choosing really soft pillows will give you the best benefits for sleep. Because the pillow is too soft, it will easily sink every time you lie down and make the cervical spine not straight, easily causing spinal deformity.

Therefore, choosing a soft or hard pillow is not as important as a pillow with good elasticity or not. The elasticity of the pillow will help support the neck to a moderate height without putting pressure on the neck and shoulders. You should also consider when choosing the material of pillow liner to use longer without sacrificing quality.

Ru9 pillow cradles the cervical spine and allows for a deeper sleep

Ru9 pillow helps protect your health during sleep

To help you have a good and deep sleep without worrying about neck and shoulder pain, Ru9 introduces you the product foam pillow premium - Niu pillow. Niu pillow is made of advanced graphene foam with a structure of pillow cover and pillow core. The pillowcase of the product is made from Tencel knitted fabric, which has the ability to create ventilation, high durability and has a zipper design to help you easily clean the product.

This material stands out for its ability to dissipate heat as soon as you lie down, so that the pillow does not sink all night long. Besides, pillow will help you always feel cool and relaxed during sleep .

Ru9 pillow is a product that has been tested according to the comprehensive measurement system of OEKO-TEX®, ensuring the health of users, meeting the criteria of STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX®. From there, you can rest assured to use pillows to help sleep more comfortable, good for your neck and shoulders.

Where to buy genuine Ru9 pillow?

You can buy Ru9 pillow at many different places

Currently, the product ru9 pillow< /a> is being sold at main showroom at No. 7 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien ward, District 2, HCMC. In addition, you can also buy a sleeping pillow at the addresses span>mattress store other Ru9 partners are as follows:

Don't let poor quality pillows make you tired every morning when you wake up with shoulder and neck pain! Let's go with Ru9 to make the quality of sleep more and more complete.