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Is U-Pillow A Right Choice For Office People?

Is U-Pillow A Right Choice For Office People?

Due to the nature of work with many documents and the office space is not too large, most office workers are always looking for compact things to have Can be easily carried daily or stored in the office with a very small area. Instead of a rectangular pillow that takes up space compared to a small work area, a U-shaped pillow can fulfill most of the functions of a standard pillow, helping and supporting sleep.

So what is a U-shaped pillow and what makes it different from other pillows?

U-pillow is a specialized pillow designed specifically to support your neck, head, shoulders, and back in the most natural position possible. is when sitting in a chair at work or sitting in a car for a long trip.

U-shaped pillows differ from some rectangular pillows in that the pillow core will be thickened to support the weight of the head, reducing the burden on the neck. Since then, the use of U-shaped pillows is appropriate in cases of lack of space to sleep and limited time.

The weight of a regular U-Pillow is only half the weight of a basic rectangular pillow, malleable to pack and store in. small bag, easy to carry with you or store in a place with limited space.

Using a U-shaped pillow seems simple, but most people use it wrong, affecting the spine. Are you making the same mistake that most users are making?

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U-shaped pillow with many convenient uses.
Image source: Farchill

What are the advantages of U-shaped pillows over other pillows?

<3 with size 30x13x9 equivalent to an A4 paper box.

In addition to the advantage of area, the U-shaped pillow directly supports the spinal system, helping to limit sitting in the wrong posture and reducing the possibility of diseases bones and joints.

Thanks to its outstanding advantages, U-shaped pillows are widely produced and sold in the market with diverse designs, rich in materials and There are different prices. But in order to choose a good pillow, ensuring the criteria of user health and aesthetics, the price for that pillow product will not be cheap, depending on the factors of materials and technology applied when manufacturing, sales approach…

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U-shaped pillows have a variety of materials and designs on the market.
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However, U-shaped pillows still have some notable disadvantages

In order to support the head firmly, the normal U-shaped pillow core will be less soft than rectangular pillows made of young rubber, cotton or foam beads.

Instead of being fully relaxed from the back, shoulders, neck, neck to the head, the U-shaped pillow only meets the neck and head, still not supportive maximum back.

With an average low price, widely available in the market, U-shaped pillows are often sewn with nylon fabric to avoid dust, but are practical. On the contrary, it absorbs dirt and is two to three times more difficult to clean than cotton fabric - a cool, absorbent fabric that is easy to disassemble for regular cleaning. This is also a shortcoming of the lack of hygiene of the U-shaped pillow with the cover sewn on the pillow core, not removable.

Choose the best pillow for an office nap

For offices with limited space, employees can take a short nap of thirty to forty-five minutes, but the quality of sleep is not high. So you and your office colleagues can find a solution together to lay pillow office or one compact Topper mattress, folds neatly, can be shared by three to four adults lying comfortably for total body relaxation.

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Niu pillow with a comfortable size enough to relax the entire head

Niu pillow with a larger size than U-shaped pillow, providing a comfortable feeling while sleeping thanks to Graphene technology certified and secure tested (refer to here span>) supports heat dissipation in the head and nape - two of the most heat-producing areas in the body. In addition, the Niu pillow core is made from Graphene Memory Foam with a height of 12cm suitable for Asian bodies, providing maximum support for the head and neck. - shoulder, helping you avoid feeling neck pain when you wake up. Furthermore, pshell Niu pillow is not only made of Tencel material that limits dirt and is easy to clean thanks to its convenient zipper, but also meets the STANDARD 100 set of criteria OEKO-TEX® safe for users' health.

Tencel material and Graphene Foam system for heat dissipation of Niu pillows

To have a positive energy to be productive, we should Consider choosing good sleep care products as a way to thank yourself. Hopefully, this article has shown you the importance of sleep care products Niu pillows have the same effect as U-shaped pillows, but greatly improve the quality of your lunch break. Learn more about the products of Ru9 through the website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company to take care of and improve your precious sleep!

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