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How to choose a pillow against neck and shoulder pain and a pillow for people with cervical spondylosis?

Foam pillows make one of the best neck pain pillows on the market. With foam material with good support properties and durability over time, we will have better and more comfortable sleep. Let's explore Ru9's article on how to choose a pillow to prevent neck pain.
How to choose a pillow against neck and shoulder pain and a pillow for people with cervical spondylosis?

Many people have trouble sleeping every night and wake up in the morning with a sore neck due to choosing the wrong neck pillow. If this condition persists for a long time, it will have a huge impact on your health. Therefore, finding an anti-neck pillow and a suitable pillow for people with cervical spondylosis is essential to improve sleep quality. In this article, Ru9 will show you how to choose a pillow suitable for these requirements.

Neck pillow - a scientific and advanced sleep care solution< /span>

1. Types of pillows on the market

Can name some popular pillows such as:

Low pillow

The product uses high elastic rubber material. The pillow is quite soft when lying down, but still has a certain firmness and solidity. Therefore, the feeling of comfort when lying down is not complete. The cost of latex pillows is often more expensive than other pillows on the market.

Cotton pillow

This pillow type is currently the most commonly used with low price. The pillow provides a comfortable feeling when lying down. However, in just a short time, the cotton pillow has been significantly subsided, leading to the situation of the pillow quickly losing its form, affecting the feeling as well as health when using .

Foam pillow

This is a new type of pillow, applying modern science and technology elements in production. Therefore, only well-researched foam pillows like Ru9's Niu pillow have the following outstanding features. The advantage of this material is its good support ability, following the curve of the neck and head area. So the product is also one of the effective pillows to help prevent neck pain today. In addition, this material is soft and safe to use.

2. How to choose a pillow for neck pain

The neck pillow is a choice that many customers are interested in. The product is popular for its ability to perfectly protect and support the skeletal system in the head and neck area. Here are the criteria for you to choose a neck pillow:

  • Material: each material will have its own characteristics that determine softness and comfortable to lie down. With an anti-neck pillow, you should choose a pillow with softness for the most comfortable lying position.

good pillow for neck and neck support pillow for cervical spine pain lying in the morning waking up with neck pain pillow lying down for neck pain

Pillows for people with cervical spondylosis and neck pain need softness and good elasticity

  • Elevation: choosing a pillow that is too high makes the spine part not straight, leading to posture lying position is not correct.

  • Support: This is the most important factor to evaluate price quality and performance of the pillow. Besides being comfortable, the pillow needs to support the head and neck area when lying down.

  • Size: pillows for people with cervical spondylosis must also be large enough , fully support from the shoulder area to the head, helping to limit neck pain or soreness when waking up.

3. Niu Ru9 pillow supports the neck for a good night's sleep

New pillow from Ru9 is the result of a thorough research on the sleep needs of Vietnamese people, and learning and improving production technology to bring the best products. Niu pillow is made from Graphene Memory Foam with the advantage of softness and the ability to perfectly support the head and neck area according to the natural curvature of the spine. The pillow has the ideal height between the head and shoulders, eliminating fatigue and pain when waking up. This is also a factor that helps the product be evaluated as a quite suitable pillow for people with cervical spondylosis. Besides, the Niu pillow also has good heat dissipation thanks to application of Graphene Foam in the inner part of the pillow. , help you have a cool sleep all night long.

buy cervical degeneration pillow for sleeping position pain for people with neck pain sleeping position for neck pain treatment for knee pain knee support for the spine

New Ru9 pillow for good sleep and health< /em>

The above article shares with you how to choose the right neck pillow for you. With the Niu Ru9 pillow, your every sleep becomes more perfect. As a result, the health status of you and your loved ones will be significantly improved. So, don't wait any longer, contact Ru9 immediately via website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company to get consult and order quickly.

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