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Newborn Pillows - Mistakes in Putting Babies to Sleep

Newborn Pillows - Mistakes in Putting Babies to Sleep

Parents often pay special attention to infant sleep, as it is an important process affecting the health and growth of children. Pillows are one of the items that parents choose to help babies have a good night's sleep. But is a newborn pillow necessary? Let's find out with Ru9.

Should parents use pillows for babies?

The truth is, children are not like us. With a weak body and not yet formed awareness, an infant pillow does not help your baby sleep better.

can be used for newborn babies
Infant pillows are not recommended

Potential hazards with infant pillow:

May cause suffocation: Your baby's delicate head can sink into the soft pillow. Moreover, the baby's small nose can be compressed by the pillow leading to suffocation when the baby turns over.

Effects on the spine system: The spine of a child at birth is a straight line, not curved like an adult's. Lying on the pillow can cause the baby's neck to be twisted, the spine to change shape, increasing the rate of birth defects in children.

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Many potential dangers when using a pillow for newborns

Increases body temperature: If you accidentally choose a pillow with a polyester cover, it can increase the heat below the head and lead to fluctuations in body temperature. Excessive sweating or heat can lead to hyperthermia, which is life-threatening and fatal.

May cause sudden death: Infant pillows and other soft bedding may create a suffocation or strangulation hazard and increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Mistakes parents often make when putting babies to sleep

In addition to using pillows for babies, parents often have actions/doings that seem good, but can actually create many difficulties for babies when sleeping.< /p>

Over-swaddling your baby: Towels are also a good and reasonable item to help babies sleep well. However, if you wrap the towel too tightly, making it difficult for your baby to move, it can lead to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Let your baby sleep on their back often: Parents should put the baby to sleep in many different positions, not maintain any fixed position to promote the benefits. benefits and limits the disadvantages of each pose.

what is the baby's name
Let your baby lie in different positions

The baby's bed is too soft: This makes it easy for the baby to sink deep underneath, causing suffocation. If you choose to sleep on a soft mattress or pillow, your infant needs to be carefully observed and monitored by an adult.

When should children use pillows?

Using an infant pillow is not recommended by experts. So when should your child use a pillow?

“At least 1 year old and ideally 18 months or older, that's a good time for your baby to use pillows” according to American Academy of Pediatrics' safe sleep guidelines. During your baby's first year, the only thing he or she needs is a simple, well-fitting sheet.

can't you call a baby
18 months old and older can use a pillow for babies

When the time comes, you can absolutely give your child a suitable pillow. A suitable pillow for babies is:

  • Moderate softness: You should choose a pillow that is neither too hard nor too soft to fully support your neck and head.
  • Pillows with poor heat dissipation: Polyester pillowcase materials often cause heat by keeping heat for a long time, causing your child to sweat a lot, increase body temperature and not sleep well. Expertly recommended material is 100% Cotton or Graphene Foam.
    Learn more about Graphene Foam at the following link:
  • Easy to clean: Babies often drool while sleeping. Bacteria and mold will form and thrive if the pillow is not cleaned for a long time. Choosing a pillow with a zip will make it easy for moms to remove and wash, keeping the pillow fresh and clean.

Those features are completely included in the pillow Niu . This pillow can accompany your child in his sleep, to some extent help him develop better and healthier.

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5 solutions to help children sleep well

  1. Teach children the difference between day and night

When your baby is about two weeks old, you can start showing your baby the difference between night and day.

During the day you should:

  • Play and interact with your baby often.
  • Get your baby used to the sounds of day life: Talk and sing as you feed your baby, possibly with everyday noises like TV, cooking,...
  • Keep your home and room bright.

At night:

  • Try not to talk to your baby when you feed him.
  • Keep lights and noise low.

All of this will help your baby begin to understand when to play and when to rest.

  1. Teaching children to sleep on their own

Teaching children to sleep on their own to create independence for babies

When your baby is about three months old, she should be able to fall asleep on her own. Of course, this doesn't mean your baby will! To encourage your baby to settle down to sleep, when he shows signs of sleepiness, place him gently on the crib or mattress but still awake.

  1. Avoid overstimulation

When putting the baby to sleep, you should be careful with excessive stimulation, because the baby is very sensitive at this time, just a few light effects can disrupt your baby's sleep. Try to speak softly and move slowly, limit sounds from devices and keep the light at a reasonable level to help your child sleep well.

  1. Massage comfort

Before going to sleep, you can rub your baby's hands and feet to create a comfortable feeling to help him fall asleep more easily.

  1. Use quality mattresses

bamboo nem nem gi
Quality mattress ensures health and sleep for children
< /p>

Sleeping in a soft and comfortable environment creates a sense of security and helps keep them warm throughout the night. Ru9 Original Mattress has support Baby's body, composed of millions of air particles connected together with an open structure, is very ventilated, keeping your baby and yourself a good night's sleep in all weather.

Through this article, I hope you have understood that a pillow for an infant is not necessary. Besides, there are many different ways to help children sleep better and safer. With a mission to help improve the quality of sleep for everyone, Ru9 believes that its products and services can accompany and take care of your little family's sleep.

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