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Things Parents Need To Consider When Using Baby Pillows To Make It Easier For Your Child To Sleep Separately

Things Parents Need To Consider When Using Baby Pillows To Make It Easier For Your Child To Sleep Separately

For young children, eating and sleeping are the main activities that directly affect the development process. In creating a good night's sleep, baby pillow is one of the seemingly simple problems that cause anxiety and trouble for many parents. Especially for small families with only parents and children, parents often want their children to be independent and sleep separately in their room. In the following article, Ru9 hopes to partially answer parents' concerns with knowledge about using pillows in the process of letting babies sleep alone.

Using a baby pillow makes it easier for your baby to fall asleep on his own

When children are young, they are very attached and often "stick" to their parents, so it is quite reasonable to let them sleep with their parents. However, as children grow older, at a certain point, they must learn to sleep alone. For some children, it can be difficult at first to sleep alone. Children are used to sleeping with their parents, so they will feel anxious when they have to sleep alone, especially if they wake up startled and do not have parents to comfort them. The addition of pillows and pillows creates a sense of security, like having parents around even though the child is still sleeping alone. Children can hug, prop their feet, lean on similar to leaning on their parents.

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Baby's pillow age

According to scientific research and medical evaluation, parents should use pillows for children from 18 months of age onwards. The body structure of infants is different from that of older children and adults, the use of pillows does not help children sleep well, on the contrary, it can cause many impacts on the baby's breathing and spine development. . If you're starting to use a pillow for a baby 18 months or older, you should consider notes in the use of pillows for babies.

When children are from 3 to 4 years old onward, children have a developed musculoskeletal system and reach a certain degree of perfection. At this time, the child has a significant change in weight and height, the body also becomes stronger. You should choose a standard pillow size for your child in this age group as suggested:

Children 3 - 4 years old: length and width under 40cm, height under 4cm.

Children from 4 years old and up: standard pillow size 35 x 50cm, thickness from 3 - 9cm.

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Parents should pay attention to choose the right pillow for their baby

However, to determine exactly, you should observe the baby's sleeping behaviors and habits. Watch closely for signs that your child is ready to use a pillow, such as when she rests her head on a stuffed animal or blanket, or lies on a pillow in an older sibling's room. Or you can completely discuss with your child how he wants to use the pillow and the effects of the pillow on his sleep.

Don't forget to consider pillow material

Pillow material is one of the important factors that parents need to consider carefully when choosing to buy. Do not use pillows with a lot of fluff on the surface. The fluff that easily flies in the air will make children uncomfortable, especially children with respiratory allergy symptoms. Also, do not use pillows with small beads, which are dangerous if there is a tear or the beads fall out. The child may inhale the particles or ingest the particles by mistake. Many parents make a mistake using too soft pillows for babies, especially for older children. When the baby's bone structure is stable, the baby needs a certain amount of pillow support when sleeping.

Niu pillow made of Ru9 The material is breathable and optimally absorbent. Niu pillow core is made of durable Graphene Memory Foam, providing ideal support for the user's neck - shoulders - head and optimal heat dissipation. In addition, with a height of 12cm suitable for Asian bodies, it will perfectly support the head - neck - shoulders, Niu pillow helps baby have a good sleep and avoid problems of shoulder - joint pain later on. In addition, the Tencel fabric in Ru9's Niu pillow has been certified as safe for users' health, meeting the criteria set by STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® - regulated by a team of leading industry experts international standards.

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For babies who like to use pillows, ru9 pillow< /span> with a unique design, both hugging and being hugged. In particular, with foam and cotton particles that can easily change shape and have elasticity to return to its original shape.

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Ru9 pillow accompanies a good night's sleep with breathable materials and special design

Hopefully through the above article, you have learned the secrets of choosing to buy amniotic fluid for your baby to make your baby's sleep more complete, ensure health and promote health. promote child growth. If you still have questions or need more advice on pillows and other sleep products for yourself and your loved ones, don't hesitate to find out more on Ru9's website, or message and contact via Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company okay.

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