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Is Natural Latex Pillow Right For You?

Is Natural Latex Pillow Right For You?

Before buying a natural latex pillow, you should find out what you like about a pillow. Because no one wants to sleep on a pillow that makes them uncomfortable. Try taking a few minutes to answer the questions below to determine if a latex pillow is right for you!

Do you prefer to lie on a hard or soft latex pillow?

Natural latex pillows are famous for their softness and high elasticity. However, with most things related to sleep, each person's perception of use is completely different. A latex pillow that feels soft to this person is most likely not comfortable for you.

If you are in the group that often experiences numbness and pain on one side of the head, shoulders and neck due to deviation from sleeping position, too soft pillows are not an option. insight. Because even though there is a large contact area between the pillow and the head, the softness is too great to keep the balance between the head and the body.

latex pillow multi-layer latex pillow
Hardness - softness of sleeping pillow should be just enough to match your body type, location and characteristics

Do you have neck and shoulder problems when you wake up?

In recent years, natural latex pillows have become a popular choice for many people when sleeping. But to verify the type of pillow that overcomes the shoulder and neck problem, you need to take a closer look. Because the limitation of natural latex pillows is that it is difficult to change the shape to fit the head and neck of the person lying on it. Especially for people with shoulder and neck pain, they often feel uncomfortable when they do not reach and support the neck.

Are you sensitive to the smell of rubber?

Natural latex pillows often have a specific rubbery smell more or less depending on the synthetic, organic or natural material. Although this smell does not affect the health of the person lying down, if your nose is sensitive, it can make you uncomfortable and can't sleep, affecting long-term health.

Can you stand the heat from the latex pillow?

The open-cell structure retains heat, so body heat through the latex pillow is often trapped and causes a blockage in the head. For natural latex pillows with many air holes, ventilation will be improved. But on the contrary, there are many types with dense rubber that are waterproof and prevent sweat from escaping.

diamond latex pillow kymdan latex pillow
The ventilation of the pillow affects the quality of your sleep

Niu pillow - the perfect choice for a good night's sleep

Before deciding to buy a family pillow, consider the benefits of sleeping on Niu's pillow Ru9 okay!
To make the right decision when buying a pillow, you can refer to the article this.

Effective support for head - neck - shoulders

Like a sleeping mattress, pillows need to conform to your natural body shape to provide support while sleeping. If the natural latex pillow is limited in compatibility with the head and neck of the person lying on it, the Niu pillow has optimal support.

knitting rubber pillow
Niu pillow applies modern Graphene Memory Foam technology to help solve release pressure, distribute the weight evenly.

Sleep stays cool

The ventilation of the Niu pillow is significantly different from that of the natural latex pillow. The pillow core from foam has a structure of open particles to create breathability when used, optimizing the feeling of comfort and coolness when lying down.

Easy cleaning

If using a latex pillow, cleaning may be a bit inconvenient. You cannot put them in the washing machine as they will warp their original shape. As for the Niu pillow, the Tencel pillow case is easy to clean thanks to the included zipper. You can see instructions on how to clean Niu pillows quickly and easily in the following video:

Ru9 pillow for better sleep

In addition to a sleeping pillow, Ru9 hug pillow is an additional suggestion for a more complete sleep in any posture.

Reduces pain and pressure when lying on the side

With a side sleeping position, you tend to lean your shoulders to one side, easily causing pressure on one side of the body and negatively affecting the column. living.

So thanks to its higher height than usual, Ru9 pillow can help relieve spine pain when sleeping on the side.

Vanilla latex pillow
Ru9 pillow helps the spine keep its original shape comfortably.

Not feeling empty in the abdomen

Besides a pillow for sleeping on our head, we often have a habit of using gummy pillows to make the abdomen feel safe. Therefore, the belly of the Ru9 hug pillow is designed close to the abdomen to maintain a comfortable and warm feeling when sleeping.

Remember that we all spend about a third of our lives in bed. It is important to choose a good pillow to ensure your body gets the best quality sleep! So, quickly contact Ru9 via website https://ru9. vn/ or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company to direct Try these 2 pillows and enjoy a good night's sleep!

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