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Is Cotton Pillow The Best Choice For A Good Night's Sleep?

Is Cotton Pillow The Best Choice For A Good Night's Sleep?

Sleep plays an important role in helping you improve productivity, increase focus and recharge to start the day. One of the most important factors affecting sleep quality is the type of pillow you use. Many users choose to buy cotton pillows because of the popularity of this product. But is it the best option for you? Read this article to find the answer.

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Improve your sleep with the right pillow

What is a cotton pillow?

Cotton pillows are pillows with intestines made from natural or artificial cotton, providing a soft, comfortable elasticity to the user. Two commonly used materials for pillowcases are:

      • Ranky: Cotton pillowcase is composed of polyester in rolled cotton, but it is not woven into sheets. It is broken into small cotton fibers, there are many types of cotton from coarse to the best absorbent.
      • Glossy: Cotton is produced into small, round, marble-like beads. It is crumpled, so it has excellent elasticity, high strength, helps to minimize collapse and atrophy during use.

Common cotton pillows

      • Sleeping pillow: An indispensable item in the bedroom, a sleeping pillow has an effect Used to support the spine from the shoulders to the head and the head during sleeping
      • Neck pillow: A pillow that helps users fix their head and neck, creating a feeling feel comfortable, relax and help relieve shoulder pain, headache, neck pain
      • Long body pillow: A pillow with a long tubular shape, designed to sleep hug
      • Sofa backrest pillow: A pillow with a small size placed on chairs sofa, to provide comfort when the user leans on

What kind of pillow to use to improve sleep quality?

Among the pillows mentioned above, sleeping pillow and long hug pillows play the most important role in bringing comfortable sleep to users because of the specific use characteristics of these two types of pillows, specifically:

Functional sleeping pillow neck and spine support:

      • Using an uncomfortable pillow will lead to back pain and neck fatigue while sleeping.
      • If you sleep without a pillow, the pressure on your neck muscles will be unevenly distributed. You'll be more likely to experience neck pain, stiffness, and headaches.
      • For people who sleep on their side or back, sleeping without a pillow puts pressure on the neck and back. This will put your spine in an unnatural position and strain your joints and muscles.

Long hug pillow for a comfortable sleeping position for the user (source)

      • One ​​piece hugging pillow will give users a feeling of security and psychological comfort when sleeping. As a result, you can get a deeper and better night's sleep, avoiding frequent startles or awakenings.
      • For those who sleep on their side, a long pillow helps limit the situation of limbs being compressed or numb. while sleeping.

Does cotton pillows give a good night's sleep?

Although sleeping pillows and long pillows are two popular types of cotton pillows, the pillow material also brings some disadvantages to users such as:

      • The elasticity of premium cotton pillows is less than that of other expensive materials< /li>
      • Some low-quality pillow products have lumpy cotton balls after washing and using for a long time
      • The life expectancy of high-grade cotton pillows is not high, experts also recommend that users should use artificial cotton Change pillow every 6 months.

Given the above limitations, cotton pillows may not be the best choice for improving the quality of your sleep.

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Ru9's Niu and Hug Pillow Combo - The Solution for Perfect Sleep

If the cotton pillow has limitations in terms of quality and elasticity, Niu pillow and Hugging pillow Ru9 will overcome the above limitations. At the same time, this pillow duo also provides outstanding advantages to improve your sleep quality.

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New pillow brings comfort and comfort to sleep

Modern technology application pillow

The inner part of the Niu pillow uses modern Graphene Memory Foam technology, optimizing heat dissipation as soon as you lie down.

With the Hugging pillow, the pillow core material is improved with a combination of foam and cotton particles, can move flexibly, compatible with the body shape different bodies and hugs.

Easy to clean

Nuu pillow and Hug pillow both have Tencel shell - a user-friendly, safe bio-based fabric that provides optimal ventilation and absorption. .

Besides, the Tencel Knitted Fabric pillowcase of the Niu pillow is very absorbent, very cool, and comes with a hidden zipper for you to easily disassemble. and wash it, to keep Niu's pillow clean and fresh.

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Ru9 Hugging Pillow provides the most comfortable hugs

Exquisite design, improve sleep quality

Niu pillow with durable Graphene Memory Foam material, 12cm height suitable for Asian body will provide perfect support for head - neck - shoulder , help you avoid feeling sore neck when you wake up.

The Hugging Pillow has the same size as the real person, with the right weight so that when you hug, the Hug pillow will exert a sufficient force, giving a feeling. like the most comfortable hug. The Hugging Pillow is also uniquely designed, keeping your belly warm and keeping your shoulders from falling off when you sleep on your side.


After reading the article, you should have somewhat understood the pros and cons of cotton pillows as well as the features and benefits. that Ru9's pillow combo brings. If you are interested and want to learn more about this pillow duo, you can read more details at the pillow product pages of Ru9 okay. Hope you soon choose the right pillow for a full night's sleep!

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