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The importance of pillows for a good night's sleep every day!

A good pillow is a necessary condition to bring good and quality sleep. Therefore, when choosing a pillow, you must be very careful and careful. Learn more about some pillows in the market.

The importance of pillows for a good night's sleep every day!

Pillow has long been a familiar item in people's daily lives. The product helps to sleep better and more fully thanks to its ability to support and create comfort for the neck and head area. In this article, let's explore more about the necessity of pillows for sleep with Ru9 through the content shared below.

Pillow - your sleep companion

The variety of pillows:

Currently, there are many different pillow lines on the market. To distinguish the types of pillows, you can base them on the material, use or design... of the products. Among them, there are some types of sleeping pillows and backrest pillows, such as:

  • Sedge pillow: is a pillow made of natural sedge material, so it is safe and user-friendly. The product is distinguished by its cool design, limiting heat and perspiration. This pillow line is currently popular for babies or children.
  • Herbal pillow: this is a pillow line that uses additional ingredients that are completely natural herbs. . Products are designed with a variety of sleeping pillows, neck pillows, backrest pillows ... This pillow line is considered safe and beneficial for health, especially effective in supporting the treatment of bone diseases. joints or fatigue,…
  • Water pillow: The pillow is inflated with cool water inside, helping to stay cool. Besides, the feature of this pillow is also the ability to flexibly change shape according to the user's lying position.
  • Foam pillow: this is a new generation pillow product. The product uses advanced foam material, creating a feeling of comfort right from the first use. One of the advantages of pillows is their ability to fully support the head and neck, helping to maintain the natural curve of the spine. In addition, the foam material also creates ventilation during sleep.

Uses of neck pillows and how to use them properly:

Currently, there are many different pillow lines on the market. However, most people still do not really understand the functions and uses of pillows. Specifically, a good pillow should have the following features:

  • Supports the head and neck when lying down, creating a soft and comfortable feeling, helps users easily fall into a deep sleep, with a standard lying position, limiting pain when waking up.
  • Helps treat and limit muscle, bone and joint diseases or diseases spine.

Choose the right pillow for a good and quality sleep

To choose the right pillow It's not easy at all. Besides, during use, you also need to pay attention to some points for the pillow to take advantage of its full effect.

  • Choose the right pillow for your actual needs: Depending on your preferences, each person will have their own requirements. One of the criteria that you cannot ignore while choosing to buy is the safety, material, softness and thickness of the pillow.

  • Sleeping position: put pillows under the nape, neck, back... depending on needs. Particularly in the case of a pillow under the nape of the neck, the shoulder blades should not be pressed on the pillow because it is easy to lose balance and cause discomfort. To learn more information, you can visit the following article: “Sleeping positions that help you cope with pain”
  • Wash and clean pillows periodically to remove bacteria and dirt from pillows.
Ideal height for standard and comfortable lying

New Ru9 Pillow – for perfect and quality sleep:

With the mission of being a company specializing in sleep, Ru9 is constantly improving and providing the market with many breakthrough and convenient product lines to help improve your sleep quality. In particular, Niu pillow is considered as one of the outstanding product lines with outstanding quality and efficiency.

Structurally, the Niu Ru 9 pillow consists of 2 parts. The first is the pillow core made from high-quality graphene foam, exclusive to the Ru9 brand. This material is distinguished by its elasticity and softness, thus making it the most comfortable and pleasant to support the body parts.

Secondly, the outer pillowcase is made from breathable Tencel knit fabric, which is tough and firm. The cover has an extra zipper for easy replacement and cleaning.

    New pillow - cherish each sleep

    In terms of use, the Niu Ru9 pillow offers many outstanding utilities including:

    • Modern graphene memory foam technology helps support the head and neck, providing a smooth feeling, for comfortable sleep all night long.
    • Graphene material effectively dissipates heat with a breathable shell design. So the pillow does not cause heat or discomfort for the head, helping to sleep more deeply in different conditions
    • The Niu pillow has the ideal height thanks to the good elasticity of the material, for a comfortable lying position, in line with the wishes of the majority of users today.

    With advanced production technology and friendly materials, it can be said that the Niu - Ru9 pillow is the perfect product for sleep. So, what are you waiting for, if you don't own yourself this ideal friend to accompany you for a good night's sleep every day.