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Effective back pain relief with just a good mattress?

What mattress should I lie on for back pain? And does changing the sleeping mattress really reduce pain and protect the spine better? Let's find the answer with Ru9 through the following article.
Effective back pain relief with just a good mattress?
Effective back pain relief with just a good mattress?
< i>Back pain when waking up is a common condition in many people today. This condition does not initially affect health, but if left untreated, it can cause many serious diseases. So how to reduce back pain? So what mattress should I lie on for back pain? Join Ru9 to learn more useful information through the content of the article below.

Back pain when sleeping on the mattress - What is the cause?

A mattress is an essential item for improving sleep quality, helping to fully support the body, for a comfortable and pleasant lying position. However, many customers who sleep mattress still have back pain. So what is the cause of this situation?
  • Wrong sleeping position: This is a common cause of speech fatigue. general and back pain in particular when waking up. Maintaining the wrong position for a certain period of time causes the spine to deviate, leading to pain.
  • Suffering from bone and joint diseases: When the skeletal system is not healthy, sleeping on the mattress is only help limit pain, but not completely eliminate the feeling of back pain when waking up.
  • Inappropriate mattress: An old or unsuitable mattress is the main cause cause you to experience lingering aches and pains. For example, if the mattress is too soft, when lying down, it will collapse, the spine is not kept straight, leading to deformation and back pain. And if the mattress is too hard, the soft points on the body are not fully supported and it is easy to cause back pressure
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Waking up with back pain is common. now

Which mattress should I choose to sleep without back pain?

Inappropriate sleeping mattress is one of the causes of back pain and reduced sleep quality. So what mattress should you lie on for back pain? How to choose specifically? Here are some helpful criteria to keep in mind when shopping:
  • Material: when back pain, soft mattresses are considered the optimal choice. than a hard mattress. Or you can choose thick mattresses to help create more durable support. Accordingly, you should consider materials such as foam mattresses that have good soft and elastic properties. This type of mattress will help you lie down comfortably and protect your spine more effectively.
  • Size: prefer buying a mattress with a large size. When the sleeping area is spacious, you can change many suitable lying positions to minimize back pain.
  • Durability: A mattress with good durability will maintain long-term use. And conversely, if the product life is short, the ability to support is quickly reduced.
Back pain should lie on what mattress to protect and effective spine care?

Ru9 mattress helps you best protect your spine

Ru9 foam mattress is the perfect mattress to minimize pain and protect the spine while sleeping. Because the product is applied advanced production technology with many changes in texture.
Ru9 mattress for standard lying posture effective spine protection

Ru9 mattress is researched and developed on exclusive high performance foam material. As a material that creates smoothness and good elasticity, it has an open structure, so the foam provides complete support and helps protect the spine in a natural position.
Currently, Ru9 mattresses are manufactured in a variety of different sizes such as 1m6 mattresses, 1m4 mattresses,... to double mattress lines such as 1m8 mattress for you to choose to buy according to your needs. In particular, the product is also certified from CertiPUR-US for safety for consumers' health. So you can rest assured to shop and use this product for yourself and your family.
Through the advantages Highlights mentioned above, memory foam mattress Ru9 deserves to be the perfect mattress to support and cherish the body for a perfect sleep. With Ru9 mattress, the quality of sleep is not only improved, but it is also a good mattress to protect health. Select buy mattress Ru9 today to enjoy the preferential mattress purchase with interest installment 0% and try 100 nights for free!