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How To Cool Down Summer For A Cool Sleep?

How To Cool Down Summer For A Cool Sleep?

Summer comes with inconveniences from the sweltering heat. Not only hindering daily activities, the hot summer heat is also a cause of incomplete sleep.

1. Optimal temperature for sleep

According to recommendation, the temperature in the bedroom or sleeping environment should be maintained between 19℃ and 21℃. It is the optimal temperature range for a good night's sleep and is safe for health, for both the elderly and children. However, the ideal bedroom temperature varies depending on each person's climate, needs and health conditions. By understanding the human body's heat dissipation mechanism, you will find the optimal solution to cool down the summer heat for a cool night's sleep in this article.

2. Why cool down in the summer to sleep better?

In tropical countries with hot and humid tropical climates like Vietnam, it is very difficult to maintain an ideal sleeping environment temperature when In summer, the actual temperature can exceed the ideal level of 5℃ - 10℃. This not only makes the body hot and uncomfortable, but also disrupts sleep and reduces quality, leading to drowsiness, fatigue and irritability during the day.

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High temperature disrupts sleep leading to lethargy and irritability

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3. The mechanism of human heat elimination

If the sleeping environment is at the ideal temperature range (19℃ - 21℃) for the body to dissipate heat , you will fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. This is the result of the body's heat dissipation mechanism during sleep. Taking advantage of this mechanism, you can still cool off the summer heat and get the best night's sleep with this simple trick: Instead of trying lower the temperature of your sleeping environment, you can lower your body temperature. Because the process of losing heat while sleeping, humans need a lot of support from the surface that is in direct contact with the body - for example, the surface of a sleeping mattress.

Heat loss through radiation

Skin is an important factor in heat loss. Heat loss through the skin is done through the circulation of many blood vessels under the skin, these vessels carry heat that needs to be eliminated and receive cold temperatures from the environment in order to regulate body temperature.

buying timeThe skin is an important factor in heat loss

Heat loss through perspiration

When it's too hot or too cold, the tactile organs send signals to the hypothalamus (hypothalamus) in the brain to signal for The body sweats to release heat. The body sweats so will increase metabolism, faster heart rate, from which the body emits more heat. If the heat released from perspiration is more than the heat generated from the body's acceleration of sweating, the body will cool down as a result.

Heat loss through heat transfer

When the body is in contact with heat-transfer materials, if you lie on a cold surface for a long time, heat will be released through this plane faster. More specifically, of the ways of heat loss through heat transfer, heat loss on contact with solids occurs fastest (the slowest is through air, then liquid).

4. Summer cooling solutions for cool sleep

Avoid vigorous exercise near bedtime

Actively exercising or being physically active during the day is great so that you can sleep better at night. However, exercising close to bedtime is not recommended, because it causes your heart rate and body temperature to rise, making it take longer for you to fall asleep.

Hot shower before bed

Not as instantly cool as a cold shower, but a hot shower can help you sleep soundly. This is because: after bathing, your body will gradually adjust to the temperature of the environment, and the gradual decrease in body temperature helps you to be in a comfortable state before going to sleep.

Turn on the room cooler

Fan and air conditioner are two indispensable friends for hot nights. To increase the cooling capacity, place a basin of ice water in front of the wind direction of the fan, or buy a misting machine to increase the humidity of the room when the air conditioner is on.

“Freeze” pillowcase

This tip may sound strange, but you should try it to see how it works. All you need to do is put the pillowcase in the freezer (be careful to keep it clean) at night, and take it out and put it in the intestines to use before going to bed.

Invest in pillows and mattresses

<3 summer heat. You should clean pillowcases and mattresses regularly, as well as buy new intestines right away if they start to get moldy or deformed.

Use natural bedding and pillows

Products made from natural materials such as cotton, linen or silk will have a superior cooling effect compared to polyester or synthetic fibers. Moreover, they are very friendly to the skin and the environment.

5. IceFiber™ cold fiber technology

IceFiber™ is the most modern artificial cold fabric technology available today. Each fabric has the ability to absorb the cool temperature in the air and retain it on the fabric surface. The product using this cooling mechanism will neutralize the contact temperature between the body and the lying surface, creating the ideal temperature zone for your sleep to stay comfortable, helping you cool down in the summer< /strong> more efficient.

3 layers, top layer red, middle layer blue, bottom layer white, left is a red arrow pointing down, on the right is a blue up arrow

The contact temperature between the body and the lying surface is neutralized by the cooling mechanism of IceFiber™ cold fiber technology, creating an ideal temperature zone. ideal for sleep.

6. Cool off in the summer with IceGuard™ cooling pads

IceGuard™ cooling pad, an improved version of air conditioning mat, is the first cooling product line in Vietnam to apply the most modern IceFiber™ technology today. With the mechanism of absorbing the cool part of the room to cool down the heat emitted when it comes in contact with the mattress surface, this product will help you always feel cool even in your sleep.< /p>

girl sitting on the bed Sleep completely cool and comfortable with IceGuard™ cooling pads

With the same function as an air conditioning mat, the IceGuard™ cooling pad not only helps you cool down in the summer, but also completely solves the limitations of traditional cooling products such as bamboo mats, so you can sleep comfortably without sacrificing comfort, without fear of pain and red lines when you wake up.

And more than that, Ru9 will always ensure to maintain the best policies for you when buying IceGuard™ cooling pads such as 30 returns days, free shipping and returns nationwide, and genuine warranty.

7. In short

The outstanding advantages of IceGuard™ cooling panels all stem from an effort to understand body and sleep with the desire to bring you complete sleep. With the full support of this product, summers are no longer a nightmare for you and your family.

Hope you have understood more about how humans waste heat and found a solution to cooling off. summer effective for my sleep. Let's keep the sleep of family members very cool, friends.

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