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Letter From Ru9 - A Good Night's Sleep With IceGuard™ Cooling Pads

Letter From Ru9 - A Good Night's Sleep With IceGuard™ Cooling Pads

Nearly 3 years ago, Ru9 launched Graphene Foam - a breakthrough cooling foam technology in Niu pillows because we understand that superior heat dissipation is the most important factor for every good night's sleep, especially especially in tropical countries like Vietnam.

Now, Ru9 continues its breakthrough with yarn IceFiber™ span>- body cooling fabric technology is first applied in products IceGuard™ Pad.

It took a lot of research to launch this product, but it all has a very worthy reason behind it.

We do not simply create a product with a temporary cooling function like many products such as bamboo mats, air-conditioned mats, and Tencel silk mats. , cool mattress, rattan mat… We have experienced it ourselves, and all are not as effective as the way we - Vietnamese with normal physique and sleeping habits - always want and find sword. We wanted to create a product that is truly functional with the ability to give you a better night's sleep than ever before. The whole product research and development process took 2 years, and then today, we are proud to introduce IceGuard™ Pad - the coolest Cooling Pad from Ru9.

The most outstanding feature of IceGuard™ Pad is fiber technology IceFiber™ - Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) artificial cold molecular superfiber with very high thermal conductivity, helps reduce excess heat from the body and brings to a comfortable sleep. You will immediately feel the coolness on the fabric from the first touch, and this is also the most advanced cold fabric technology in the world today. We are extremely proud to be the first company in Vietnam to introduce this premium cooling product to Vietnamese people.

IceFiber™ fiber cooling mechanism

For the most complete product experience, please rest assured to spread the product on the mattress and lie directly on the IceGuard™ Pad. We designed the IceGuard™ Pad with a microfiber in the middle for extra comfort and finished it with a 100% waterproof fabric to guard against any everyday carelessness.

This isn't exactly the cheapest cooler, but the IceGuard™ Pad is certainly the solution developed from thorough scientific research. for your sleep this summer and the summers that follow.

Have a good night's sleep,

Page Dang

Founder & CEO