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Decoding the attraction named "sleep" cotton

From clothes to bed sheets to pillows, everything plays an important role in how well we sleep at night. Of course, everyone will choose cotton fabric that is cool enough for the body to sleep easily, warm enough for comfort. However, the secret behind all-cotton sleep will surprise you even more!
Decoding the attraction named

From clothes to sheets to pillows and blankets, everything plays an important role in how well we sleep at night. Of course, everyone will choose cotton fabric cool enough for the body to sleep easily, warm enough for comfort. However, the secret behind cotton sleep will surprise you even more!

What is cotton fabric?

Cotton (cotton) was cultivated over 7000 years ago - one of the oldest fibers in the world. This is a natural fiber that comes from the seeds of the cotton plant. To this day, cotton has always been a widely used material in human life. Cotton is used not only for clothing, but for thousands of things, including spacesuits for astronauts and even ingredients in the food we eat (yes, cotton is edible! )

Cotton has played an important role in human history since it was first used. Until now, when industry - technology develops, garment materials have made remarkable progress according to strict requirements of people. Cotton remains the most magical fiber under the sun, without which any other fiber can possess all the desirable properties combined in cotton: softness, softness, comfort and strength.

The world uses cotton more than any other natural fiber and is mainly used for making cotton. fabric

1. Cotton fabric controls moisture and breathability

Cotton fiber can absorb up to 65% of its weight, the absorbent mechanism of cotton is like a towel. Its breathable and moisture-wicking nature gives cotton its ability to absorb and remove fluids from the skin. This is very necessary for a set of blankets and pillows mattress because it will absorb body heat while sleeping causing it you are cool and dry.

As well as keeping you cool in summer, cotton bedding sets keep you warm during winter by absorbing and retaining body heat. If you're sleeping on man-made fabrics like polyester, they absorb your body heat instead of naturally venting, thus retaining heat no matter how hot or cold it is.

In addition, cotton keeps air circulating between the fibers. So the cotton blankets and pillows do not stick to your skin, insulating your body.

2. Cotton fabric is soft and does not cause skin irritation

Natural fiber bedding is always soft and comfortable. This super soft feel is the result of the cotton weaving process. Multiple cotton threads are woven together to create a 100% Cotton bed sheet and pillow set.

Weaving is used instead of any chemical process to obtain the desired softness and yarn density, so the final product remains Maintains stable softness even with frequent washing.

Most importantly, if you have sensitive skin, there needs to be a way to avoid irritating it all night. Scotton (especially organic) fibers are one of the only natural fibers that are hypoallergenic and non-irritating to human skin. Cotton's hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking properties won't aggravate dry skin or cause allergic reactions, even in people prone to skin problems like rashes or eczema.

On the other hand, synthetic fibers like polyester or acrylic can make skin drier by trapping sweat and stripping away its natural oils. Synthetic fabrics can also cause rashes, skin allergies, and body odor.

So cotton may be the best sleep choice for people with asthma or allergies, or those with sensitive skin.

3. Cotton fabric with high durability

Cotton is considered one of the most durable fibers. They do not tear easily and can withstand the brunt of the washing machine on the strongest setting. Cotton fibers stick together longer than synthetics, so synthetic fibers tend to break and wear out more easily.

No need to hand wash, tumble dry or iron. Most cotton bedding is machine washable. Just be careful not to mix your cotton with nonwovens. Because not only will the bedding be washed better, but you'll also save on overloading your machine.

Without any specialized cleaners, you can even turn on the tumble dryer (keep on low) and let it dry when still a little damp.

This feature makes cotton ideal for “unscented” sleep, no waiting wait a long time to clean the bedding.

4. Cotton fabric is safe for both users and the environment

As a natural fiber, cotton is less toxic than other synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are often treated with chemicals, and most of these can be absorbed by the skin. These harmful effects are not only the skin, but the whole body is affected as well. Some common chemicals used are terephthalic acid found in polyester, polyacrylonitrile used in acrylic fibers, sulfuric acid (possibly carcinogenic) as well as ammonia found in rayon and petroleum commonly used for nylon fabrics.

Unlike man-made and chemical fibers such as rayon and polyester, cotton is grown from the ground. So, 100% cotton is biodegradable and returns to the soil, enriching it. Synthetic fibers like polyester cannot be broken down, releasing heavy metals and other additives into the soil and groundwater. Over 234 days, cotton has degraded 95% more than polyester in wastewater and will continue to degrade over time.

Cutting down on synthetic and man-made fabrics makes it easier to ensure that there are fewer micro-grains pollute our water environment.

You may have heard the term microplastic, a term that refers to the microscopic fibers that fall into our waterways when we wash fabrics synthetics such as polyester, nylon and acrylic fabrics. The fabric breaks down in the laundry, forcing the fibers to be discharged into the waterways, accumulating and remaining in the aquatic environment.

One ​​easy way to reduce microplastic proliferation is to switch to cotton clothing and linens. Cotton has been shown to break down much more easily than synthetic fibers, causing less damage and ecological harm. In a recent study conducted by Cotton Incorporated, a 100% polyester sample showed minimal decomposition, while a 100% cotton sample showed 100% disintegration. In fact, cotton is completely decomposed in about a month.

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In a nutshell, when you're shopping for a new set of duvets and pillows for your sleep, don't forget to read the fiber content label. And remember, cotton is not only the best choice for clothing, cotton “sleep” helps you sleep better and contributes to a sustainable environment!