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Don't forget quality when choosing a roll mattress for a minimalist life

Currently, the trend of using a roll mattress is gradually becoming familiar to the part of users who aim to experience and enjoy a minimalist life but full of energy.
Don't forget quality when choosing a roll mattress for a minimalist life

Currently, the trend of using a roll mattress is gradually becoming familiar to the part of users who aim to experience and enjoy a better life. minimalistic yet energetic.

Nest mattress feels firm and gives good support
Nest mattress with good spine support

Minimalist living will help you get rid of unnecessary items, create creative ways to use things effectively in shopping and displaying to create a neater and more comfortable living space. Starting by arranging the living room with a sofa, making use of the wall-mounted bookshelf space for the TV, ... to how to create ventilation and coolness for the bedroom with a rather bulky mattress?

That's why, mattress Floor roll is starting to become an effective solution to keep the bedroom space airy. However, on the market, there are many types of roll mattresses that are quite thin and of poor quality, so they seriously affect sleep. Therefore, a floor roll mattress must meet the criteria of quality, have the right height and elasticity to bring about effective sleep, help you fully enjoy the positive and healthy meaning that life has. Minimalism brings.

1. Modern trend with simple and healthy “health and balance” lifestyle

In psychology, the surrounding environment has a great influence on an individual's brain and thinking. Therefore, most modern young people are aiming for a minimalist life with a "healthy & balanced" lifestyle. This is a good lifestyle that helps you direct healthy habits, use environmentally friendly materials, and contribute to building a greener life every day.

Lifestyle "healthy & balance" will make you happier every day, expressed in being satisfied and making effective use of the functions of home appliances. From there, bringing a neater and more organized living space, saving time, saving shopping costs and decorating the living room, dining room, bedroom and even the desk,..

In particular, the bedroom decorated in a minimalist style will bring an airy feeling, helping you to fully enjoy sleep after a working day. stress, have more positive energy with lots of great ideas and creations.

2. Floor roll mattress helps you fully enjoy a simple life

Floor roll mattress is a trend that brings a solution to bring a smart choice for a simple but equally convenient bedroom. doubt in modern times. Cushion roll floor covering shows the benefits from easy transportation to quick layout, comfort when resting and convenient when cleaning. However, on the market there are quite a few choices of roll-up mattresses. As a smart consumer, in addition to being interested in convenience, the quality of the floor mattress is also a top priority.

Keeping up with modern trends and Today, Ru9 has researched and manufactured Nest mattresses - the most typical roll-in-box mattress product in Vietnam, ensuring quality standards International quality from CertiPUR-US on safety for consumer health. Nest Ru9 mattress roll box uses modern Foam material with high ventilation combined with breathable Tencel mattress cover to bring a cool feeling when lying higher than other popular mattress lines.

Good night's sleep is always good
Feeling full of comfort after a good night's sleep

Nest Ru9 mattress has a mattress structure consisting of 2 main layers of foam, contour foam to create support for the body and support foam that is durable and firm. time. Moreover, the Nest RU9 mattress has a height of 15cm - a moderate height, creating the aesthetic and ensuring the most perfect support for the body of the box roll mattress. The product is also pressed and packed very compactly, convenient for moving, easy to clean. Worthy is the suitable mattress line for those who aim for a minimalist but comfortable life.

It can be seen that the floor roll mattress uses modern materials, the appropriate thickness, enough elasticity to support the new body comfortably ensure quality sleep and truly enjoy the simple life the right way. If you are someone who is aiming for a simple lifestyle, a Nest RU9 roll-up mattress will be the perfect piece for your bedroom.