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Tại sao độ thông thoáng của nệm đóng vai trò quyết định một giấc ngủ ngon?

Full size mattress (1m40x2m)

Tại sao độ thông thoáng của nệm đóng vai trò quyết định một giấc ngủ ngon?

The fact it, sleep temperature is very important because this is a very important factor in feeling comfortable and enjoying a good night's sleep. The balance between body temperature when in contact with the mattress is essential to improve the quality of sleep. Therefore, choosing a cool and comfortable mattress will help you get a better sleep.

Many people are afraid of sleeping on a mattress because of the fear of high temperature when sleeping, causing discomfort when they can't relax or a good sleep after a day of busy work. The heat when sleeping comes from many reasons, but mostly cause by the mattress is too thick, it do not absorb sweat or when the room temperature is not suitable. But if your mattress is thin and the hight temperature still exists, the cause of the situation should lies in the mattress structure that does not have standard ventilation. According to mattress experts, ventilation is the top priority to produce a comforting mattress for a good night's sleep.

1. The troubles of sleeping on an unventilated mattress

Scientists have analyzed sleep through many stages, in which, deep sleep is the sleep that helps the body really rest and function. optimal recovery. Therefore, the hot condition at the back when sleeping on an unventilated mattress will cause troubles for the body.

The most obvious is back acne because when sleeping on a car mattress is hot, the back in contact with the mattress releases more sweat, clogging the pores, creating conditions for bacteria to multiply and cause acne on the back. Moreover, the mattress that is not ventilated will have to be cleaned more often than usual, especially on hot and humid days because the body sweats more.

Hot mattress is one of the causes of insomnia

The mattress is not well-ventilated which causes insomnia, poor sleep

Not only that, sleeping on an unventilated mattress will not have a comfortable sleeping position, you have to constantly change positions to avoid causing hot cellar. Making sleep restless throughout the night, when waking up, the body is full of fatigue because of not getting a good sleep.

Sleeping on an unventilated mattress for a long time will cause many serious effects on the health and body appearence. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, it is necessary to pay attention to the ventilation of the mattress because this is the important factor for a good night's sleep, helping the body to relax and recover.

2. Foam mattress line provides optimal ventilation for sleep

Foam mattress foam offers better ventilation than other mattresses, but the name foam latex mattress has confused users with this mattress line being made of rubber. In fact, a foam mattress is also known as foam mattress, is a mattress manufactured from a material derived from Polyurethane foam. This material is proven by experts to maintain high ventilation and is durable over time, so it is preferred in the industry manufacture of modern mattresses.

This is also the material used to produce the line Ru9 Original foam mattress excellent heat dissipation. Thanks to open structure Ru9 Original foam mattress makes it easy to ventilate, circulate stably when there is an impact to bring a cool feeling when lying on the mattress.

Ru9 foam mattress with multi-layer structure

Ru9 foam mattress is researched and designed with 3 layers of foam, optimal for Vietnamese sleep

Why Ru9 foam mattress is the optimal choice for better sleep

Foam mattress Ru9 Original stands out other conventional foam mattress lines because of the use of a cold gel layer integrated in the 3-layer foam design. This cold gel layer has the effect of creating a particularly comfortable coolness when sleeping, combined with the open structure that leads to cool air flows to quickly dissipate heat when lying on the mattress. Therefore, Ru9 foam mattress is a mattress with 100% standard ventilation. Moreover, the foam layers of Ru9 mattress have a solid thickness, both supporting the entire mattress frame to ensure that the mattress does not sink when used for a long time, while also having elasticity to support the body, preventing. spine disease and osteoarthritis.

Ru9 Foam Mattress meets CertiPUR-US

Ru9 Original foam mattress is the first Vietnamese brand to get CertiPUR-US® certified foam safety. All kinds of mold, dirt or microorganisms cannot exist in the foam mattress, so sleeping on the mattress will not cause allergies, helping sensitive skin easily enjoy a safe, smooth and full sleep. Combined with the use of Spandex material cover with good elasticity and high wear resistance, Ru9 Original foam mattress does not fray when used for a long time.

Ru9 mattress has the ability to understand the user to create the highest ventilation, help dissipate heat quickly and cooler than other materials. Ru9 also gives users the experience 100 nights of trial , to feel the comfort level in the most true way. Therefore, if you are looking for a mattress with optimal ventilation, the Ru9 Original foam mattress is the most suitable choice.

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