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The solution to choose a pillow for people with shoulder pain

The solution to choose a pillow for people with shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain accompanied by numbness is a condition many people encounter every day. when you wake up. Choosing the wrong pillow for a good night's sleep can be the main cause of these symptoms. Let's go with Ru9 learn the habits that cause neck and shoulder pain and how to choose the ideal sleeping pillow for you and your family.

Sleep quality directly affects neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain and waking up pain can stem from many different causes. In which, you may often have bad sleep habits as follows:

  • Wrong position: Choosing the wrong sleeping position can cause blood vessels in the neck to become damaged compression, preventing the circulation of oxygen to muscle cells, causing neck pain. In addition, the sudden change in neck position can put pressure on the muscles, causing tension and pain.
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Where is the pillow for shoulder pain nape?

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  • Sleeping pillow not good: If the pillow is too low or the pillow is not used, the neck tilts back, putting too much strain on the spinal ligaments, causing severe neck pain. On the contrary, choosing a pillow that is too high in the long run can easily cause degenerative diseases of the cervical vertebrae, pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

Pillow for neck and shoulder pain - How to choose the most suitable sleeping pillow

The most appropriate solution for the above situation is to look for a comfortable soft pillow, a companion to sleep your. Neck and shoulder pain pillow, actually a good sleeping pillow, will be evaluated based on many criteria such as firmness, softness, height, ability to support head and neck...

  • Height and stiffness

You should choose a pillow that is compatible with your sleeping habits. When you lie on your side, it is easy to experience neck strain. Therefore, you should choose a thick pillow to shorten the distance from the ear to the shoulder as well as shape the spine. If you are lying on your back, you can choose a pillow that is softer and has a thickness of about 12 cm to keep your neck and spine comfortable.

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The neck and shoulder pain pillow is actually a pillow a good pillow helps you not to be sore in any lying position

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  • Support neck

Depending on the material, size, and life of the pillow, the pillow's ability to support the head and neck is different. You need to pay attention to choose a good sleeping pillow that shapes the head, neck, shoulders, and nape so that the neck is always comfortable. When you roll over in your sleep, the pillow provides perfect neck support no matter what sleeping position you're in. Pillows for people with neck and shoulder pain need to meet this criterion very well.

Nuu Ru9 pillow takes care of your sleep every night

We spend up to ⅓ of a day sleeping. Therefore, the quality of sleep has a significant impact on our health. The sleeping pillow is a companion, taking care of and cherishing sleep every night. Understanding the importance of sleeping pillows, Ru9 has focused on research and launched products Niu pillow to provide the best sleeping experience.

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Good night pillow Niu and long-lasting companion
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Owning a Niu sleeping pillow as a pillow for people with shoulder pain is a perfect choice. Perfect because the Niu pillow is made of foam material combined with advanced Graphene technology. Graphene foam material optimally supports the head and neck, embracing the natural curvature of the neck, providing a smooth and soft feeling when lying down. As a result, the muscles in the neck and shoulders are also relaxed, not tight, against neck pain. Furthermore, graphene foam is the most efficient heat sink available today. Heat in the head - the hottest part of the body will be dissipated as soon as you lie down. Niu pillow products have the ideal suitable height. The highly flexible material can adjust itself to any sleeping position. In addition, the pillow cover is covered with soft and cool Tencel knit fabric with a separate zip lock design for quick and convenient washing and cleaning of the pillow.

With outstanding advantages and outstanding features, Niu Ru9 pillow is a good sleeping pillow - and also the most suitable "shoulder and neck pain pillow" to help improve your shoulder pain. Don't hesitate any longer, contact us quickly website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company to own a pillow this special and goodbye shoulder pain.

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