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How is Ru9 mattress suitable for people of different ages?

How is Ru9 mattress suitable for people of different ages?

Need a real experience at home before customers can rate Ru9 mattress or any other mattress product in the most objective and accurate way. Wondering if the Ru9 mattress is suitable for different ages, this article will bring you the most comprehensive Ru9 mattress reviews. 

When choosing the right mattress for each age, what should you pay attention to?

The mattress market today has a wide selection of materials, sizes and styles. So how to know what is a good mattress and suitable for each different age?

  • For kids

Selectable type the right mattress is extremely important for you your little angels. If choosing the wrong mattress will cause bad effects on the formation of the child's spine structure. Therefore, the first criterion to choose a mattress for a child must be a mattress with good support, keeping the spine straight in many different positions. In addition, children often sweat a lot, so you need to choose a mattress with high ventilation to reduce heat rash on your baby's skin.

  • For adults

What about adult mattress selection? In general, after a hard day's work, being able to relax in your own bed is extremely important. You should choose the types thick cushion, has good elasticity to ensure the lift of the body as well as can minimize the pain of back and spine fatigue. In addition, choose a mattress with the right size and comfort for your body when sleeping.

  • For older people

The bone structure of the elderly is now aging, so they often suffer from aches and pains all over the body, especially in the back and Spine. Therefore, one of the most important criteria when choosing a mattress for the elderly is optimal support as well as having good elasticity. This will help minimize back pain that causes insomnia at night. Besides, the elderly often have trouble sleeping at night, so you need to choose mattresses that can reduce noise to limit noise.

Choose the right mattress for each age to ensure a good night's sleep

Why 98% of customers of all ages give Ru9 mattress 5 stars?

From actual customer experiences, Ru9 mattress is rated as a high quality product suitable for all ages, not only brings sleep Sleep well but also ensure the health of you and your loved ones.

Miss Quynh Vu - 54 years old (HCMC) after a period of using Ru9 foam mattress shared the following: “I have a problem with my spine, my back is sagging, so I always have to put a pillow under my back. Since lying on Ru9 mattress, I really don't have to use pillows anymore because the mattress is very supportive, hugging my waist makes me quite comfortable when I sleep.”

Thanks to the positive feedback from customers, Ru9 mattress is also recommended by many customers to their friends and relatives. As shared by Ms. Tra Nguyen (Hanoi City): “I was introduced to Ru9 mattress by a friend, and after using the first mattress, I have been using it ever since. Ru9 until now, in all the houses I have moved to. Although the Ru9 mattress is soft, when lying down, it still retains its flatness, does not sink, during pregnancy, I find it very comfortable to lie down. Highly recommended for those who like the smoothness of sleep.”

In order to have such a supportive effect and a soft, comfortable feeling, Ru9 mattress has undergone meticulous research into habits and needs. demand of the Vietnamese people as well as improvements based on customer sharing and feedback. So why is Ru9 mattress rated suitable for so many different ages?

  • High elasticity and full body support

With 100% high performance foam, Ru9 foam mattress helps support your entire body while you sleep. The mattress is made up of 3 layers of foam with a total thickness of 25cm, which will help your sleep deeper and better. For mattresses on the market today, after a period of use, the mattress will lose its elasticity. But with Ru9 foam mattress material high performance foam on the other hand, the product creates greater elasticity and quickly returns to its original state Even if the head is heavy. At the same time, with a 10-year warranty commitment for the quality of foam from Ru9, you can rest assured for the sleep of all family members.

Ru9 foam mattress with 3 layers of foam for excellent cushioning
  • Breathable, cool material

To solve the problem of heat generated during sleep, memory foam layer in mattress Ru9 has a built-in cold gel to help regulate the temperature, keeping you comfortable enjoy a good night's sleep. In addition to the open structure of the foam for improved ventilation, the Ru9 mattress cover is made of knitted Tencel fabric with optimal breathability. You no longer have to worry about using a mattress on hot days.

  • 100% safe foam material from Ru9 

Through the process of evaluating Ru9 mattress according to strict material standards, the foam in Ru9 mattress is certified to US standards CertiPUR-US®. Ru9 is the first Vietnamese mattress brand to receive this certificate. Ru9 mattress is made of 100% foam material that is free of mercury, lead, heavy metals and phthalates harmful to health and brain development. In addition, Ru9 foam mattress is also environmentally friendly when there are no substances harmful to the ozone layer during production.


Ru9 foam mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US® according to American standards for quality

  • Fire resistance with smart design 

Ru9 foam mattress is equipped with a layer of fire retardant cotton to reduce the possibility of fire during use. This is one of the special features that Ru9 brings to the user experience and safety. Ru9 foam mattress does not use toxic fire retardants such as PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP, completely safe for users.

According to research by Duke University and the environmental group on flame retardants, the conclusion has been reached: “TDCPP - a carcinogen, is commonly used in the production of mattresses, pillows, etc., are especially harmful to young children, so according to research results, the concentration of TDCPP in children's bodies is 5 times higher than in mothers' bodies. Accordingly, the state of California and the Consumer Product Safety Commission also listed TDCPP on the list of substances with a risk of cancer, and advised people not to use items for this substance. Besides, TCEP, PBDEs are also confirmed to affect intelligence, cause endocrine disorders and cardiovascular diseases. In 2004 the US and European countries banned the use of these substances, even in small amounts, to avoid affecting human health.

So with Ru9 foam mattress is completely removed from the above toxic substances, so you can rest assured to choose to protect the health of yourself and family. At the same time, an outer cushion cover is designed with a zip360 lock to make it easy for customers to clean after a period of use.

User rated Ru9 cushion suitable for all ages of users
  • The most authentic experience

Since the official launch of the product, Ru9 has always applied the policy 100 nights of testing right at home so you can evaluate the Ru9 mattress in real terms. Ru9 is committed to 100% refund and recall the Ru9 foam mattress if not suitable for you in the first 100 nights. Do not hesitate to choose for yourself and your loved ones a Ru9 foam mattress to ensure the quality of life?

Through the Ru9 mattress reviews, hopefully you've got an overview of the materials, features, uses... to be able to choose the right ones. good mattress for all family members. Wish you and your family always have a good night's sleep!