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Why should you choose a foam mattress for a good night's sleep?

Why should you choose a foam mattress for your daily sleep? Is using foam mattress good for health? Let's find out with Ru9 through the article below!
Why should you choose a foam mattress for a good night's sleep?

Foam mattress is one of the best sleep care mattresses available today. Since this type of mattress was born, the thoughts of many people about the effect that foam mattress brings have changed very positively. So why should you choose a foam mattress for your daily sleep? Is it good to use foam mattress? What is the current trend of choosing foam mattress? All answers will be revealed right below.

Foam mattress trends

Life is increasingly busy, great pressure from work makes people work stressfully for a long time, affecting people to sleep. Simple ways to sleep well such as going to bed early, limiting staying up late, not using electronic devices ... are said to be difficult to do in this day and age. Therefore, the vast majority of Vietnamese people want to own a good, safe and affordable mattress product. The most important thing in the criteria for choosing a mattress is to protect the best sleep and provide the most comfortable feeling. Of all the mattresses on the market, Ru9 foam mattress is the most popular choice recently.
Cushion Ru9 foam is a high-class mattress made from modern foam material and is very light in weight.. As a result, Ru9 foam mattress is very flexible and lighter than other mattress lines. The mattress can be neatly rolled up in a small box, making it easy to transport even in tight spaces.

Foam mattress selection trends 2019

In order to have a full night's sleep, many people have chosen foam mattress because of its superior features such as: body support, Helps to avoid joint pain. In addition, the foam has an outstanding ability to disperse pressure, helping the body to relax as much as possible during sleep. Therefore, the trend of using foam mattress is becoming more and more popular among Vietnamese users.

The great softness and support of the foam mattress

On the market today, there are many places that provide quality foam mattresses, the highlight of which is Ru9 foam mattress. Ru9 foam mattress is made from 100% foam, has a clear 3-layer structure, is capable of supporting the natural curve of the spine, evenly distributing pressure for better and better sleep.

Foam mattress has the ability to support the body according to natural curves

Ru9's foam mattress helps people stay balanced and comfortable on the mattress even with constant sleeping position changes. The material of the mattress has good elasticity, creating appropriate softness, supporting the whole body. Foam mattress is also very suitable for people with bone and joint diseases or pregnant mothers because the mattress always fully supports the body, creating a more comfortable and pleasant feeling.

< span style="font-weight: 400;">Ru9 - Wishing everyone a good night's sleep

Currently, many families have chosen and are very satisfied with mattress products foam Ru9 by the most realistic experiences in terms of product quality and features. In particular, Ru9's 100-night trial is also very attractive: You are entitled to test sleep on the mattress for 100 days, if during use you are not satisfied with the quality of the mattress, you can return the product and receive a refund. 100% refund buy mattress.

Ru9 - A company specializing in Vietnamese sleep

Hope the above article has shared useful information, helping you find the answer satisfied for the question "is the foam mattress good?" Ru9 is the first mattress brand in Vietnam certified CertiPUR-US® vlevel of user safety, durability and environmentally friendly from the US, so you can be assured of the quality during use.. Let Ru9 accompany you protect a good night's sleep!