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Back pain - a factor that reflects the quality of your mattress

Back pain - a factor that reflects the quality of your mattress

Facing with the hustle and bustle of life, back pain when waking up every morning is really an obsession of the elderly and young people. Back pain not only causes mood discomfort due to poor sleep, but also depresses the body, making you start a new day tired and sluggish.

Sleep better with a quality mattress

So, if you wake up with persistent back pain, you should check your mattress. Because the mattress surface is the part in contact with the back and waist, directly supporting the body, is the most obvious cause of back pain among sleepers mattress

1. Will a hard or soft mattress cause more back pain?

It is undeniable that there are many factors that contribute to back pain. From sleeping in the wrong position, being sedentary and not having an appropriate diet, to common diseases of lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spine degeneration, muscle and ligament injuries. , tendons in the back. However, the mattress is a particular cause that contributes to the worsening of back pain. When the mattress surface that supports the skeleton is not scientifically prolonged, it will affect the structure of the skeletal systems, causing back pain. So, is it easier for you to lie on a soft mattress for back pain or to lie on a hard mattress that is easier to cause back pain?

Lying on a soft or hard mattress is good for back pain

It can be seen that lying on mattresses that are too firm creates a large depression between the back and waist. Putting pressure on the back, shoulders, and hips causes pain and discomfort at the points of contact of the body. On the contrary, if you lie on a soft mattress, your body will sink, causing your spine to bend down, the discs will move along, which also leads to pain and back fatigue. Furthermore, for people with a history of osteoarthritis, back pillow more Because the soft mattress does not have high elasticity, when lying down, it will make the weight increase on the back and abdomen, making the disease worse and worse.

Therefore, the elasticity of the mattress is the main factor determining the body's ability to support. Therefore, the back pain when lying on the mattress is saying that the elasticity of the mattress is inefficiently used, not supporting the body scientifically

2. Choosing a sleeping mattress to quickly overcome back pain for all ages

Owning a soft mattress with appropriate elasticity is essential to fully enjoy a good night's sleep, minimizing back pain for people children after a long day of exercise and help the elderly to sleep more deeply. As the leading sleep company in Vietnam, Ru9 brings the product line Ru9 Original Foam Mattress has Memory Foam material that releases pressure evenly for maximum relaxation when in contact with the mattress surface.

Ru9 Foam Mattress helps support the spine to avoid back pain

Foam Ru9 Original offers a solution to overcome back pain when waking up every morning< /span> thanks to the modern three-layer foam structure, the 25cm height design makes the height and elasticity balanced, providing a feeling of comfort, comfort and maximum support for the spine. Foam Ru9 Original also pays attention to details and your small movements while sleeping, using high quality spandex mattress cover, providing a cool feeling when sleeping and easier to clean.

Ru9 Original Foam Mattress for Back Pain
<3 Accurately evaluates the full support and fit that the Ru9 Original Foam mattress provides. After 100 nights of trial sleep, if you are not satisfied, Ru9 will return the mattress and refund 100%.

Long-lasting back pain when lying on the mattress - a factor that reflects the quality of the mattress you are using. Therefore, investing in a mattress with perfect elasticity and natural support is an investment in health to overcome back pain when waking up.