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Detailed evaluation of the quality of Ru9 foam mattresses on the market

A foam mattress has gradually become popular on the market to have the best choice, let's evaluate the quality of Ru9 foam mattresses through the article below!
Detailed evaluation of the quality of Ru9 foam mattresses on the market

The demand for cushioning in Vietnam is increasingly popular. In recent times, the quality of Ru9 foam mattress is gaining a lot of attention. To help you better understand what is foam mattress? and how is the quality of Ru9 foam mattress? Let's find out with Ru9 through the article below!

Introduction of mattresses on the market

The mattress market has many different types of mattresses and many models, helping users to choose the right one for their needs and preferences. The following is information on the most popular types of mattresses that are of interest to many people today.

Natural latex mattress

Natural latex mattress is a mattress manufactured from 100% natural latex. The mattress is known for being user-friendly and has good elasticity. Rubber mattress is good for health, suitable for all families, helping you to have a comfortable lying position.

Natural latex mattress

However, natural rubber mattress has the disadvantage that it is quite heavy and bulky, so it is difficult to move from one place to another . Besides, the solid and hard structure of the rubber mattress reduces the feeling of comfort when lying down as well as the ventilation is not high. This type of mattress is quite expensive, so the appearance of fake and poor quality goods is inevitable.

The feature of a spring mattress is to support the body. However, similar to natural rubber mattresses, spring mattresses are quite bulky, making it difficult to move. Besides, poor quality spring mattress, low durability also adversely affects your spine when sleeping.

Compressed cotton mattress

Pressed cotton mattress is mainly composed of polyester fiber and bonded fiber pressed into blocks. The pressed cotton mattress is characterized by light weight, convenient for cleaning, hygiene and quite cool. However, the disadvantage of this mattress is that it has low elasticity, so it will not be a smart choice for those who are especially interested in sleep.

Cushion padding

Cushion spring

Spring mattress is a type of mattress widely used in the Vietnamese market as well as in the world. There are two types of spring mattresses on the market, linked spring mattresses and pocket spring mattresses. The main components that make up a spring mattress include the spring frame, the felt layer, the upper padding, the linings and the fabric.

Cushion spring

Foam padding

Foam mattress with many outstanding advantages

The foam mattress is made of 100% high-performance foam that has the advantages of being soft, non-irritating to the skin and protecting the spine. In addition, foam mattresses are much lighter in weight than other mattresses on the market. Foam mattress products have high durability, using time is about 10-15 years, suitable for long-term use criteria of Vietnamese users.

On the mattress market in recent times, foam mattresses have gradually become popular and trusted by many people. To help you understand more what is a foam mattress? What are the characteristics of this mattress? Ru9 will give you some basic information right below.

How is Ru9 foam mattress constructed?

The 3-layer structure makes the foam mattress good insulation

Ru9 foam mattress is made of 100% foam material, with a high-performance 3-layer structure design that is: contour foam layer, memory foam integrated with gel cold and solid bottom foam.

  • Contour foam helps to fully support and protect the natural curve of the spine.
  • Cold gel integrated memory layer has the ability to regulate temperature, reducing the pressure of the body while sleeping.
  • The bottom foam layer has a motion isolation feature that helps you sleep peacefully even when the person next to you turns.

In addition to the above characteristics, the foam mattress also has good elasticity, high ventilation and ensures safety for users' health.

Ru9 foam mattress quality meets international standards

It is the above characteristics of the foam mattress that make users feel satisfied when experiencing the product. Especially the Ru9 foam mattress - the first mattress product in Vietnam to achieve CertiPUR-US certification. This is the world's most popular and prestigious certification for foam materials with strict criteria on health safety and environmental friendliness. Therefore, the quality of Ru9 foam mattress has convinced many customers to use it.

Evaluate the quality of Ru9 foam mattress

Cushion quality foam Ru9 has convinced even the most demanding users with its superior health care and sleep care capabilities. In addition, the Ru9 foam mattress has also overcome the common disadvantages of other mattresses such as: heavy weight, bulky, ... The mattress is designed with a breathable cover to help you have a good and comfortable sleep. than. Besides, the cover is removable for cleaning, keeping your sleeping environment safe. The cotton layer is fire retardant, minimizing the ignition of the mattress. In addition, the Ru9 foam mattress is lightweight, packaged package in the box should be convenient for easy and quick transportation.

Ru9 - Bringing a good night's sleep to every family

Lots of customers have experienced and evaluated the quality of Ru9 foam mattress and they are all satisfied. Especially with the attractive 100-night trial policy from Ru9, you will have 100 test nights to better experience the product. In addition, Ru9 applies a 10-year warranty, free shipping nationwide, installment payment via credit card,...

Customers get a 100-day sleep trial when buy Ru9 foam mattress

Sleep is when your body has more energy effectively, so every sleeping position needs to ensure maximum comfort. Choosing a mattress will help you have a good night's sleep and good health. And cushion foam Ru9 is a smart choice and a companion for you in this journey. every sleep. Hope that Ru9's sharing will help you choose the most suitable mattress!