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Explore products at Ru9 bedding store

Instructions on how to use and clean Niu pillows properly

Explore products at Ru9 bedding store
Bedding are important factors that help improve each person's sleep. To have a good night's sleep, you should choose to buy it at reputable bedding stores. Ru9 - a sleep company recently has become a favorite place of many people looking to buy. products mattress, pillow... Let's learn more about Ru9's store through the following article .

Learn about memory foam Ru9

Most reputable bedding stores suggest customers to choose a mattress line with good support, elasticity and durability. On the market today, there are many different mattress lines with many outstanding features. One of the new generation products with many outstanding features is memory foam mattress Ru9.

Should choose a reputable bedding store for the family
Should choose a reputable bedding store for the family

Visit the Ru9 mattress store, you can easily see the Ru9 memory foam mattress with 3 layers of high-performance foam capable of providing full support following the natural curves of the body, including:

  • Ru9 contour foam class capable of embracing the natural curves of the body in any sleeping position. The foam layer provides optimal support, keeping the spine straight, thereby protecting the health of the user.
  • In particular, the memory foam layer with integrated cold gel disperses body pressure horizontally, providing a feeling of comfort and complete relaxation while sleeping. In addition, the mattress also has the ability to regulate the temperature, ensuring ventilation when lying down.
  • The bottom foam layer is made of PU foam material with a thick and solid design that helps the mattress to be able to isolate movement, keeping your sleep always. be quiet.
  • These separate foam layers have created a Ru9 memory foam mattress with outstanding advantages, helping to improve the sleep quality of Vietnamese people.< /span>

    Currently, Ru9 memory foam mattress products have received extremely positive reviews from domestic and foreign customers. You can buy Ru9 memory foam mattress products at original Ru9 bedding stores or on reputable e-commerce sites.

    Buy quality products from reputable bedding stores
    Buy quality products from reputable bedding stores

    Learn about Niu Ru9 pillow

    Over hundreds of years of development, the pillow is constantly changing from simple materials to advanced ones. Among them is memory foam - a new material widely used in the sleep industry. Understanding the needs of customers for memory foam pillows, the company launched the Niu Ru9 pillow product line.

    Niu pillow has a design suitable for Vietnamese people's sleep. The pillow core is made from graphene foam for optimal support, keeping the head and neck straight.

    Ru9 Bedding Shop accompanies your ideal sleep
    Ru9 bedding store accompanies your ideal sleep< /i>

    The pillow has a moderate height, ensuring the natural curvature of the neck when sleeping and protecting the upper part of the spine. Memory foam material is also reasonably soft, but not as flattened as normal pillows. In addition, Niu pillow's Graphene technology has good heat dissipation, ensuring that the head is always cool when sleeping. Besides the multi-functional pillow core, Ru9's pillowcase is also designed to be easy to clean and ensure a good night's sleep. You can remove this cover to clean the pillow thanks to the convenient zipper. However, do not wash the foam inside to avoid damage or deformation!

    Discounts when buying mattresses and pillows directly at Ru9 mattress store

    When buy pillow cushions directly at Ru9's store, you will receive a discount immediately Try to sleep 100 nights. Within the first 100 nights after purchasing the product, if you are not satisfied you can return the product and get a 100% refund. This is also one of the services to bring the most authentic sleep experience from Ru9.

    Buy rest assured to shop for pillows at Ru9's bedding store
    Purchase with peace of mind at Ru9's bedding store

    Besides, the warranty period is up to 10 years for Ru9 foam mattress, commitment to long lasting product quality. Particularly for Niu pillows, the product will be warranted for 1 to 1 exchange within 2 years. Besides, Ru9 products will be shipped to your home completely free of charge. To alleviate financial difficulties, Ru9 pillow showrooms also support credit card installment payments with attractive interest rates.

    With the above information, Ru9 hopes to give you complete confidence when choosing to buy bedding in our store. Ru9 is confident in providing the best quality bedding products at the most reasonable prices on the market. Then what are you waiting for, contact Ru9 immediately to order pillows and pillows!