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Things You Must Know About Natural Cooling Technologies

Things You Must Know About Natural Cooling Technologies

In recent years, companies producing sleep products have made significant strides, and with the With the advent of natural cooling technology, consumers have more choices for their needs than ever before.

If you're curious to buy products with cooling features, it's important to find out which one is right for you. And you can completely save time by learning about these technologies in the article below.

What is natural cooling technology?

Simply put, natural cooling uses a variety of materials to absorb or absorb heat. It offers a possible solution to hot body temperature and restless sleep by counteracting the excess heat generated by your body. Methods of natural cooling often revolve around drawing hot air out of the body and absorbing the natural heat radiation generated by the thermostat, helping you stay cool.

Natural cooling technology absorbs heat radiation to keep you cool

How will the benefits of natural cooling help you get a better night's sleep?

In an article for the Huffington Post, Professor Dr. Michael Decker, spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, he said: “When we When we sleep, our body adapts to room temperature. If we lower the body temperature a bit in a cooler room, we have trend to sleep better". Many other studies also suggest that the benefits of sleeping in a cooler place will lead to many improved health and psychological problems such as:

  • Reduces Insomnia: Insomnia is directly related to high body temperature when trying to rest. So rolling around in the heat in a hot bed won't help you find peaceful sleep. The heat can wake you up, while the cooler surroundings are more comfortable.
  • Boosts Metabolism: Sleeping well has been shown to increase good fats (called brown fat), which have an effect use to burn calories. When calories are burned, metabolic health is improved, so sleeping in a cooler environment will help you lose weight and risk metabolic diseases (such as diabetes). .
  • Prevents Cancer: Sleeping in a room with cooler conditions increases the production of melatonin, one of the methods to reduce the risk of cancer. It is true that melatonin-deficient blood promotes tumor growth, but melatonin-rich blood reduces tumor growth. To prevent cancer, the most important thing is to sleep in a cooler place.
  • Less stress - Better mood: A good night's sleep is known to regulate levels of stress hormones The name is cortisol. Hot rooms make sleep worse, which increases the production of cortisol leading to depression. Sleeping cool allows you to get the best possible rest to ensure that your body and brain are fully relaxed, helping to reduce stress and have a better mood.

Sleeping in a cool place will help you have a much better night's sleep < /span>

Some products from natural cooling technology keep you cool all night

Save the list below now so you can shop for the best products from natural cooling technology for your sleep :

  • A cooling pillow will help your head become refreshed, light and easy to fall asleep sleep faster.
  • A lightweight blanket to keep you comfortable in your bed.
  • A cool mattress with fine fiber technology promotes heat dissipation, helping the fabric surface and muscle area contact is always cool so you never feel "burned" in bed, moreover, it will also be able to lead you to refreshing dreams every night.

Cold fiber cooling technology - typical of current cooling technology

IceFiber™ is cold fabric technology is the most modern and widely available man-made today. With the function of keeping cold on the surface, absorbing and cooling the heat generated by the body in contact with the mattress, each fabric has the ability to absorb the cool temperature in the air and retain it on the fabric surface. you maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.

This can be seen as a step forward in the fabric industry because of its outstanding cooling feature, solving many temperature problems when users use it. product use.

IceFiber™ is considered a natural cooling technology with cored cold fabric. modern creation

IceGuard™ cooling pads - the most modern application of today's technology

IceGuard™ cooling pad, an improved version of air-conditioning projector, is a technology application product The most modern cold fiber IceFiber™ mentioned above, with the ability to keep cold on the surface, absorb and cool the heat generated by the body in contact with the mattress, thereby maintaining an appropriate sleeping temperature. In addition, the product is completely waterproof and easy to clean. IceGuard™ cooling pads will help you have a cooler, better night's sleep without sacrificing comfort, as well as without fear of pain and red lines when you wake up.

IceGuard™ cooling pad with superior features, companion with your cool nights

<3 recognized as safe for users' health, meeting the set of criteria of STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX - by a team of leading experts in combination with regulations with international standards. This is one of the most effective natural cooling technology products that you cannot ignore.

Choosing for yourself a product that can cool down on hot days and for your own sleep is very important. With natural cooling technology cleverly introduced to support your sleep better every night, Ru9 hopes you will have the most wonderful and fulfilling experience.

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