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Should you use a mattress for your entire life?

An old mattress that is not of good quality can be the cause of your sleep disturbance. Replacing your old mattress with a suitable new product will give you a different experience.
Should you use a mattress for your entire life?

In fact, many people do not have the habit of paying attention to the lifespan of the mattress. . This has caused the old mattress to deteriorate, making your sleep quality not as satisfactory. The following article will help you answer questions about the amount of time to use the mattress, as well as which product to replace the old mattress with to ensure efficiency.

What is the lifespan of the mattress?

Like any other product, a mattress has a shelf life. If you pay close attention, the shelf life of each of these mattresses will be mattress store specified on the product's instruction sheet. Or the simplest way is to ask the seller directly to know the exact information.

Usually, today's mattress products can be used for 8-10 years. The better quality products, the longer the lifespan is from 12-15 years, even 20 years. The longer the mattress life, the higher the mattress price will also be higher, because product quality will be different from normal mattresses.

A good night's sleep will give you a boost of spirit every day.

Should I continue to use the old mattress? ?

In fact, there are still many people who subjectively continue to use old mattress when the expiration date has passed because the product quality is still good. However, no matter how well you store the product, the mattress over the course of long-term use not only loses its aesthetics, but other functions such as support and elasticity are also greatly affected.

Using old mattress will cause images harmful effects on health

Identifying signs old mattress includes: the mattress makes noise when used, the mattress is frayed, the mattress is hard, no longer as elastic as before and causes a feeling of fatigue after waking up… When you feel the sleeping mattress has these problems, then it's time to replace your mattress product.

On the other hand, sleeping mattresses when exposed to the human body for a long time will also be difficult clean the mattress clean and accumulate bacteria, mold forming inside the mattress, cause skin diseases. Therefore, using old mattress can completely affect the sleep and health of you and your family. .

Invest in a new mattress to protect family health

From the above reasons, it can be seen that the replacement routine mattresses old with a new mattress after a period of use is very necessary.

To protect your family's health, you should choose to buy modern new mattress products, better quality, can overcome the shortcomings of old mattress.

Ru9 Original Mattress - profitable for long-term health

If you are looking for a new product to replace the old mattress at home, then Ru9 Original foam mattress is the perfect choice.

Ru9 mattress - solution for a good night's sleep every day

With a special structure consisting of 3 layers of high-performance foam: Ru9 Contour Foam, Memory Foam combining cold gel and PU Foam bottom layer , Ru9 Original foam mattress has been designed according to American standards to provide the most perfect support for sleep. The product possesses many outstanding advantages to deserve to become the first choice of every family.

Outstanding features of the Ru9 mattress line

  • Optimal support for the spine according to the curves of your body, helping you to rest effectively with absolute comfort.

  • Relieve body pressure, regulate temperature and support motion separation, helping to create a comfortable and airy space for deep sleep.

  • The cover is breathable and easily removable for washing for a safe and hygienic sleeping environment.

  • More specifically, the Ru9 Foam mattress product is certified safe for users' health from < /span>CertiPUR-US®.

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