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Full mattress is 1m40 wide and 2m long. So, your room should have a minimum size of about 2m40x3m for proper room arrangement. You should have at least 1m free space around the mattress for easy movement.

<p><span style=Full mattress is 1m40 wide and 2m long. So, your room should have a minimum size of about 2m40x3m for proper room arrangement. You should have at least 1m free space around the mattress for easy movement.

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Hot weather and pumpkin stew are obstacles that make Vietnamese people wonder when choosing to buy a good mattress. So one of the big criteria when buying a mattress is choosing back mattress. Is this too difficult? And is there any type of mattress that stays cool - really that meets this criterion? Let's find out what kind of mattress is cool for all 4 seasons with Ru9!

Cool mattress suitable for Vietnamese climate

Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate (hot and humid in nature). In the summer, the weather in most of Vietnam's provinces and cities becomes quite hot and uncomfortable. Therefore, sleeping on summer days is also uncomfortable, sweating more and more tired. Therefore, most people usually do not lie on  mattress but instead lie on the ground floor on summer days. Or if sleeping on a mattress, people will prioritize searching and choosing  back mattress.

Hard to find a cool mattress for summer days?

But in reality, finding a cool mattress like air-conditioned mattress, just cooling and not harming the body is not easy. Because on the market, there are many types of cool back mattresses with many quality and "winged" advertising words for absolute cooling. Mattresses with poor quality materials can both not be supported and cause a secret when lying on, which will affect health in the long run. It can even cause skin or bone diseases when the bed is not well-ventilated. So, is there any material to solve this dilemma?

Evaluate the quality of current mattresses suitable for Vietnam's climate? Which mattress is cool?

There are many types on the market today mattress sleep. Each type is made of different materials. So how can I know what kind of mattress Which mattress is good and lay on your back? Let's evaluate the ventilation of some current mattresses with Ru9.

1. Latex mattress

Low mattress  is being chosen by many users, but is it really a cool back mattress? In fact, latex mattresses have a closed and dense structure, so manufacturers have to punch holes to create ventilation to reduce heat and allow the material to stretch when used.

However, the nature of the latex mattress is still a solid structure, so the vents are only intended to improve and reduce the heat but still cannot be solved completely. Therefore, if you lie down for a long time, there is still sweating with the body part mattress contact.

2. Spring mattress

Spring mattresses today also pay more attention to breathability with gaps inside. However, spring mattresses often have quite thick covers. This reduces ventilation when sleeping.

At the same time, the spring mattress structure will sag when used for a long time. This has a negative impact on the musculoskeletal system of the body. The major disadvantage of this type of  sleeping mattress  is that when moving, the mattress will make loud noises. From there, your sleep will be easily awakened and not good.

3. Ru9 Original Foam Mattress – an advanced line of cool-back mattresses

Foam mattress has excellent body conditioning

Currently being favored and trusted by many customers is foam mattress. Produced from high-performance foam material with an open grain structure, the foam mattress has first-class ventilation to help distribute body heat evenly. More specifically, Ru9 Original Foam Mattress also has the ability to regulate the temperature of the mattress thanks to the integration of cold gel in the layer memory foam, maintaining a good night's sleep  for 10 years.

Exclusive 3-layer foam structure for optimal support from Ru9

To talk more about this cooling ability, in the exclusive 3-layer high-performance foam structure, the second layer of memory foam is integrated with cold gel to ensure that the foam layers are not subject to heat causing settlement and conditioning. sleep all night long. In hot season, this type back mattress will help you get a more comfortable sleep.

Ru9 Foam Mattress is suitable for all weather

Not only that, the Ru9 Foam mattress is also equipped with a breathable spandex cover, avoiding the back tunnel when sleeping. This Spandex cover is also very easy to disassemble to clean the mattress, ensuring your health and safety.

With the ability to regulate the temperature of the mattress, the Ru9 Foam mattress is also suitable for the whole winter. Therefore, with the Vietnamese climate in all regions, Ru9 mattresses are very suitable. In the summer, the mattress is cool. In winter, Ru9 is responsible for keeping the body temperature stable.

With the cool back mattress from Ru9, you can rest assured to have a good night's sleep all seasons of the year. So, what are you waiting for, visit  mattress store Ru9 and buy a Ru9 Foam mattress to take care of your health. Or you can easily buy mattress on website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company and Ru9 also have free shipping when buying any mattress, because Ru9 always wants to accompany you to have a perfect sleep.

Let's review 5 things you need to know about Ru9 Original Foam Mattress with Ru9!



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