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Buy Topper or buy a new mattress?

Buy Topper or buy a new mattress?

A mattress is a sizable investment, which is why many people choose topper as an alternative to buying a brand new mattress. But how to choose a topper worth the money?

Mattress Topper is designed to cover your mattress to create a soft lining between your body and your bed. Topper aids in increasing comfort and prolonging mattress life, giving a new feel to an old mattress. Thanks to the rare advantage, so many options Mattress topper on the market. Here are some things to consider when determining which mattress topper will give you the comfort you're looking for.

Things to consider before buying a cheap mattress topper

  • Price and quality
  • Thickness topper
  • The size of Topper
  • How to support the body?
  • Material forming the topper
There are at least 5 factors to consider when buying a mattress topper

Price and quality of topper compared to a new mattress

A cheap mattress topper can save you up to half the cost of replacing your entire mattress. You can buy the topper to use as a separate mattress for a more affordable price but still ensure the comfort you want for a good night's sleep.

In addition, the topper solves almost all the problems your old mattress has. The sleeping mattress will be more comfortable when adding a soft layer like a topper. If your mattress is old and not as soft as it used to be, the right topper will help keep your bed from deteriorating as quickly. The back will get rid of annoying protruding springs and save your wallet on the cost of replacing the mattress.

Thickness of topper

The thickness of the mattress topper depends in part on the mattress used or is not too thin when spread separately on the floor. Usually, the thinnest is about 2cm thick and the thickest can measure about 10cm. If too thin, the topper cannot cover the protrusions on the old mattress, and cannot play their full role.

A good mattress pad should be thick enough and almost perfect 5cm size to turn into a mini-mattress multipurpose.

Kích thước topper

If using a topper to cover the floor, you should consider the space of the room you have or the desired lying area to choose the right size.

When it comes to buying a mattress topper, the top cover topper must match your mattress. You need to make sure that the topper is fixed to the mattress and doesn't move too much while you're asleep.

The smart button of Ru9 foam topper helps to fix the mattress underneath

Support the body and bring the most comfort

It is important to consider what your goals for a mattress topper are. Looking for additional mattress? Looking for something to keep you cooler or warmer while you sleep? By searching with a sleep expert, they can help you narrow down the best options.

Or simply find a place that supports product trials to easily make the easiest choice. Like products at Ru9 with 100 nights of the free trial, if not satisfied Ru9i will receive it back and a 100% refund.

The material of Mattress topper

  1. Feather or Polyester Blend: feather mattress topper is soft, but has little support, can be hot at times. Polyester topper is the least expensive of the topper options, but the downsides are overwhelming and not smooth.

  1. WoolThe wool topper provides an extra layer of softness for a sleeping mattress that stays in good condition. The natural material is hypoallergenic, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. These products can be hard to find and tend to be expensive.

  1. Poly Foam and Latex:

  1. Memory foam: A memory foam topper provides almost the same comfort as a memory foam mattress without the expense. Active foam is a great option for supporting painful joints. This is almost an option that meets all the criteria for a good topper.
TTopper with memory foam is the choice that meets the criteria for a good topper.

Ru9 foam topper is not the only choice but the last

Activated foam topper is the best choice. Among them, Ru9 foam topper cannot be ignored because:

  • Two layers of soft foam in any space

  • Ru9 foam topper has 2 layers of soft, flexible foam. In addition to the high density that relieves pressure on the head, shoulders, and back, the Ru9 foam topper can remember your body shape and readjust it every time you change your lying position to avoid any pain when you wake up. get up. Thanks to the high-performance foam, the Ru9 foam topper provides a comfortable and smooth feeling on any surface, in any space.

  • Compact and portable design to take anywhere

  • Ru9 foam topper's smart button on the bottom makes it easy to roll up, comes with a convenient carrying bag. Light weight, so that anyone can be flexible in moving and using. Especially when traveling, the topper helps you sleep as well as a bed at home.

    Ru9 foam topper is easy to roll up, comes with a convenient carrying bag

  • Effective antibacterial and deodorant

  • Ru9 foam topper integrates bamboo charcoal with antibacterial ability, limiting the growth of bacteria from the outside environment. The natural green tea essence in the HR Foam layer deodorizes, keeping the Topper clean and cool.

    If you are wondering whether to buy a new mattress, Ru9 hopefully through this article, you can find an alternative product at a more affordable price. It is not difficult to find a good topper, especially when you already know about the Ru9 foam topper.