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How to choose a good sleeping pillow and effectively relieve cervical spine pain?

Many users choose to buy pillows at reputable bedding stores to experience free trial sleep and make the best decision for themselves. Everyone wants their whole family to have a good night's sleep buying pillow that suits all members with different habits is a complicated problem.
How to choose a good sleeping pillow and effectively relieve cervical spine pain?

Many users choose to buy pillows at reputable bedding stores to experience sleep trial for free cost and make the best decision for you. Anyone wants their whole family to have a good night's sleep, but how can buy a neck pillow to relieve cervical vertebrae suitable for all members with many different habits? is a complicated problem.

3 Criteria for choosing a healthy sleeping pillow and reducing neck, shoulder, and back pain

According to statistics, sleeping time accounts for 1/3 of a person's life. During sleep, the body secretes important hormones that help you accumulate the energy needed for the day's activities and is also the time when the brain establishes and strengthens the ability to remember long-term. To ensure the most efficient and productive process, you need to choose buy a pillow with the best support.

Buy a good pillow to ensure a good night's sleep
Buy a good pillow to ensure a good night's sleep

To choose a good sleeping pillow, start with your needs

Each person will have a different sleeping habit, but basically you need to buy a sleeping pillow that ensures 3 core factors: material, support and coolness.

1. Choose to buy a pillow with good support

First, about the support factor, you need to find out the elasticity of each material. When buying a pillow with high elasticity, it will help lift your head, help your neck and head stay straight, from which blood can easily circulate and ensure the operation of the nerves. You should also note, in each different position when lying down, the pillow will need to adjust the height to conform to the spine.

2. Choose pillow material

Basically when buying a pillow, you need to pay attention to the material selection of the pillowcase and pillowcase, and you can also consider aesthetic factors to harmonize with the room space. sleep.

In this respect, memory foam and rubber pillow materials will ensure the safest. Meanwhile, the cotton and feather materials, although creating the initial softness, are easily flattened, making the neck and head no longer fully supported as in the beginning. In addition, when used for a period of time, it is prone to mold and creates an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.

The foam material itself is known for its flexibility thanks to the open structure of millions of foam particles. This flexibility allows the pillow to adjust its height based on the pressure of different lying positions.

3. Buy breathable pillows

Next, about the cool factor, you need to buy a pillow made from a material with good heat dissipation. TThe head and neck are home to many nerves and are also one of the hottest parts of your body. Therefore, heat is easily generated as soon as you come into contact with the surface of the pillow. High temperature during sleep can cause deformation of cotton and feather materials, causing them to collapse, and at the same time, you will sweat and sleep is not complete.

Foam and latex pillows will be good choices for comfortable sleep!

Dense rubber is also difficult to achieve a good effect on breathability, so rubber pillow often has to have a deep hole punch, which makes it easier for dirt to get in, as well as reducing support. And foam pillows with open structure can do better in ventilation. Especially with modern materials like graphene in Ru9's Niu Pillow, which has the ability to dissipate heat extremely efficiently, which has been recognized by many laboratories around the world as an effective solution to this problem.
In addition, you also need to consider the design element of the car good night pillow. Pillows with removable cover design can help you easily clean during use, increasing the life of the product. You also wedge should give priority to buying pillows with elegant, gentle colors like white, sky blue, light pink, light gray… These colors will create a calming and cool feeling in your room.

Buy a pillow that suits your needs
Choose the right pillow for your needs

Niu Ru9 pillow – the ultimate solution for a full night's sleep

If you need to find a pillow that not only supports and protects your neck muscles but also has a delicate design, the Niu Ru9 Pillow is the right product for you.

  • Niu Ru9 pillow with graphene foam meets the most important criteria when choosing to buy a good pillow. Niu Ru9 pillow uses graphene memory foam technology to help support the neck according to its natural curvature, keeping the head and neck straight, providing a comfortable feeling when sleeping.
  • The elasticity and flexibility of the material allows the pillow to be adjusted to the required height in different sleeping positions.
  • The graphene component in the high-end foam, with the most effective heat dissipation today, helps the heat in the head to be dissipated as soon as you lie down, bringing coolness while sleeping.
  • Combined with that, the Niu pillowcase is made of extremely breathable Tencel knit fabric with a removable zip for easy cleaning.
Neu Ru9 good night pillow brings comfort and softness

Hopefully, through this article, choosing to buy a good sleeping pillow will no longer be difficult for you and your family. Please visit Ru9 store buy pillow now to order Let's experience 100 free trial nights with Niu Pillow from Ru9 at home!