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What type of mattress is best for your health?

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What type of mattress is best for your health?

A good night's sleep is made up of many different factors, the most important of which are possible including sleeping mattress. When you choose a good mattress, you will have a full and comfortable sleep to start a new day more excited. Find out the "secret" choose the best mattress for your health with Ru9!

3 user-healthy mattress standards

1. The mattress has good elasticity, does not cause back pain when lying down

One ​​of the main uses of mattress is to help support the user's body to reduce diseases of the spine, sciatica and is especially important in supporting the development of the child's skeletal system. For this reason, you need to carefully consider the choice of a mattress before buying to ensure the health of your body as well as your sleep. Since everyone's spine is not exactly the same, you need to look for the type good mattress and fit your needs own.

Good mattress should have good elasticity

Good mattress should have good elasticity

2. Do not choose a mattress that is too soft nor too hard

The choice of mattress should also pay attention to the soft firmness because this is what greatly affects your sleep and health. Mattresses that are too hard will put pressure on the shoulder blades, causing curvature and pain in the spine when used for a long time.

Good mattress should be able to support the spine

Good mattress should be able to support the curve of the spine

On the other hand, mattresses that are too soft are also not a good choice because your spine will be affected. hammock and cannot keep the back and shoulders straight when lying on the mattress for a long time. Ideally, choose soft mattress moderate and has good elasticity to be able to effectively support the body, not causing you to have bone and joint diseases.

3. Selection by material

To know which mattress best easily, you can also pay attention to the material make the product. The mattress will come into direct contact with the body, so you need to choose products with safe, non-toxic materials that do not irritate the skin to ensure your health when used.

Matresses derived from recycled materials, covers dyed toxic,... It will easily contain bacteria that cause skin irritation, making you more tired and sluggish every morning when you wake up. Instead, you should choose products from the bedding shop prestige or word big brands. One suggestion for you is Ru9 certified memory foam mattress CertiPUR-US® safe for users' health.

Ru9 Foam Mattress with international safety certification

Ru9 Foam Mattress with international safety certification

Which is the best mattress on the market today?

1. Spring mattress

Spring mattresses have appeared on the market for a long time and are still being used by many families. The spring mattress is composed of many layers of springs to bear body force, providing good elasticity, along with a strong steel core system to increase the durability of the product.

Spring mattress

For high quality spring mattress products, you will feel the soft and comfortable feeling when sleeping. However, over time, this type of mattress will sag, causing curvature of the spine. At the same time, the internal spring system becomes less elastic, making loud sounds and waking you up and reducing the quality of sleep.

2. Foam mattress

When you search for the keyword which mattress is the best currently then definitely cotton mattress pressed will be one of the first names to be proposed. This type of mattress is used insulation pressed cotton fibers and becomes cotton blocks with high durability.

Depending on the needs of use, the foam mattress has many different thicknesses and can be folded when not in use. However, the foam mattress has a rather hard surface, so it will not be suitable for the elderly and children. Because this type lacks softness and support, when lying down for a long time, it is easy to feel that the back is sore.

3. Latex mattress

This is the mattress line Many users love and choose to buy a lot. mattress rubber naturally ranges from a few million for a double mattress to several tens of millions for a high-quality mattress. Poor quality products, although affordable for users, quickly collapse and cause a feeling of heat when lying down.

In contrast, high-end products of famous brands produced by advanced technology will have better quality but price The mattress is so high that many families cannot afford it.

4. Coir Mattress

This is a natural sleeping mattress made from coconut fiber, extremely safe for users' health as well as friendly. with the environment.

Coco coir mattress is created by between layers of coir, rubber layers will be sprayed on to create medium elasticity. must for buffer. The drawback of this type of product is that the mattress must be cleaned regularly. Because mattresses are made of natural materials, they easily become an ideal environment for termites and bacteria.

5. Ru9's Nest foam mattress

Foam mattress - Nest by Ru9 gives you a good night's sleep

Foam mattress - Nest by Ru9 brings sleep good night to you

Understanding many concerns of customers when they cannot find the best mattress, Ru9 has created it. Nest by Ru9 foam mattress product line is both high quality and affordable for many families. This is the line thick mattress 15cm has an exclusive two-layer foam structure from Ru9.

Features of Nest by Ru9 mattress:

  • Nest mattress provides essential support consisting of a combination of two proprietary foam layers that create support for the person's spine Lie down and minimize pressure on the body for a more relaxed feeling. The mattress will hug every curve of your body and help you stay comfortable in any sleeping position.

  • The bottom of the mattress is a thick layer of PU foam that helps to create a solid, long-lasting mattress. This bottom layer also has the ability to fix the mattress and support to prevent movement. From there, you will not be awakened by movements from the person lying next to you.

  • Fireproof cotton layer is designed (outside the foam layer) to prevent fire, reduce the ignition of the mattress and protect the layers. foam inside.

  • Nest mattress is also designed to fit any bedroom space. The delicate light gray tone helps to harmonize all colors and create elegance for your bedroom

  • Ru9 mattress has a cover that helps ventilation, easy cleaning to protect user's health< /p>

  • All foam mattress products by ru9 bedding shop all achieved safety certification for user health from CertiPUR-US, ensuring that all factors such as: ensuring health , environmentally friendly and durable.

  • Packed in a box, very convenient for quick and easy shipping

Hope this article helps you choose the best mattress for your health and

Hope the above article helps you choose the best mattress for your health and span> family. A quality mattress will help you get a full night's sleep and relax to start a better day. Therefore, do not forget to consider carefully every time you choose buy mattress suitable for your needs!