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Everything Everyone Needs To Know About Air Conditioning

Everything Everyone Needs To Know About Air Conditioning

If your sleep is frequently disrupted by hot weather, chances are you'll need an air conditioner. See the guide below to choose the right mattress for your sleep health!

Correct understanding about air conditioning

Currently, many users still do not know what an air conditioner is, although this product has appeared for a long time in Vietnamese families.

Air-conditioner is simply an accessory to help cool the body while lying down. It is not necessary to install an additional engine or cooling device, air-conditioned mats take advantage of the ability to cool from different materials.

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Air-conditioning mat is a bed accessory to help cool body while lying down

What is the effect of air conditioning?

Temperature adjustment for deeper sleep

The body still produces natural heat while sleeping. Especially in the summer, the weather can cause the body's temperature to rise. According to research on the effect of temperature on sleep by PubMed Central, high temperature makes the body tired easily physically and mentally tired, but difficult to fall asleep.

Air-conditioning helps to reduce the residual heat generated by the body when it comes in contact with the sleeping mattress. It's even cool to the touch, creating a relaxing, rest-inducing sensation that isn't suffocating.

Increasing body support comfort

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Protect mattress from sweat, stains, dust mites

Adding a pad over the mattress like a mat or topper means you're doing yourself protect yourself from billions of bacteria, sweat, lint, dust mites, animal hair, substances mucus, soil, sand, cosmetics, food and insect parts…

Maintaining the durability of a sleeping mattress

The air-conditioning mat acts as a mechanism to protect the sleeping mattress. While it may not be possible to prevent your mattress from escaping the natural aging process, it is water resistant. This protects against spills and prolongs the life of your mattress.

Objects that should use air-conditioning

People who often get hot while sleeping

This type of mat is most suitable for people with naturally high body temperature, or due to frequent exercise, the body temperature is higher than normal people. Even when lying in a room with a fan or air conditioner, they often get hot while sleeping, especially the back.

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Air-conditioning is suitable for people with high natural body temperature and often active

Children have higher body temperature than adults

Children's body temperature is usually about 0.5 degrees Celsius higher than adults'. Children often have difficulty sleeping, not sleeping well than adults if time a little bit hot. Therefore, this type of mat is popular because of its ability to cool the body naturally without the need for air conditioning.

People who want to improve sleep quality

Some people will argue that there is no need for any extra mats when they have a full mattress. But in fact, air-conditioned mats help improve overall sleep health without requiring much effort or great expense.

Common material of air-conditioning mat


Cotton material is machine washable and feels soft and comfortable when hand washed. Cotton is also a material that is much more durable than other fabrics.


Polyester fibers are hypoallergenic and for people interested in air conditioning mats because they are affordable.

Air conditioning

Knit from many soft rattan fibers to create airy ventilation holes. It does not cause cold back, so both children and the elderly can use it.

However, rattan material is relatively quick to decay, easy to create marks on the skin. At the same time, rattan mats cannot be cleaned directly with a washing machine.

Air-conditioned silk screening

Silk feels soft and smooth. But only effective in conditions of using air conditioning. The other space is quite mysterious because silk does not absorb sweat, and for a long time causes skin inflammation and pimples.

Tencel air conditioner projection

Tencel mat absorbs and cools when the body is in contact with the surface. But there is also a disadvantage that it is only promoted in air-conditioned rooms.

Air-Conditioning Bamboo Mat

This is considered the most common type of mat, but is it actually a good bamboo mat?

Bamboo is welding, so it feels cool. But if you abuse it, especially when it's raining, it will easily cause people to catch a cold.

Cold fiber technology for the most modern air-conditioned projector today

Physically, air-conditioning mats must have a heat-collecting process to make the contact area cooler. Each IceFiber™ fabric has the ability to absorb cool temperatures in the air and retain them on the fabric surface. Therefore, IceFiber™ is considered the most modern artificial cold fabric technology today.

This is a step forward in the fabric industry because of its superior cooling feature, solving many temperature problems when users use the product .

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IceFiber™ is considered the current artificial cold fabric technology the most modern today

Things to know about IceGuard™ air conditioners

Refreshing sleep, no longer hot and stuffy:

A first in the sleep industry, IceGuard™ air conditioning projector made by Ru9 mechanism cooler of IceFiber™. As a result, the IceGuard™ mat neutralizes the temperature of contact between the body and the bed, creating the ideal temperature zone for a comfortable night's sleep.

No rustle when changing lying position

With a 120gsm microfiber layer, the IceGuard™ cooling pad does not make an annoying rustling noise when changing positions in the night.

Easy to use with main mattress

Sturdy design at 4 corners to fix to the main sleeping mattress to help project air conditioning, also known as IceGuard™ cooling pad, not to move during the night. At the same time, there are many different sizes, suitable for many different types of mattresses.

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Sturdy design at 4 corners to fix the solution panel Heat IceGuard™

Easy cleaning

With IceFiber™ cold fiber technology, the product luxury air conditioner mat of Ru9 is easy to wash Clean with mild detergent. Can be machine washed and dried in a cool place.

Passes OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 safety standards

Experienced comprehensive and rigorous testing by OEKO-TEX®, IceGuard™ cooling pad fabric is certified to be safe for users' health . Meets the criteria of STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® - by a team of leading experts combining regulations with international standards.

In short, the IceGuard™ cooling pad is the right choice for those who want a cool night's sleep. Hopefully, through this article, you will have the right and most suitable choice to ensure you have a good and safe sleep every day. And if you are still wonderingair conditioning mat how much is the price or is the quality worth it, please contact the website span> or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company try it for 30 days to be sure of your choice!

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