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Will a minimalist room help you sleep better?

When you've tried all methods but still can't improve the quality of your sleep, it's time to rethink your bedroom design. Let's explore suggestions from Ru9!
Will a minimalist room help you sleep better?
For starters, think “Are you a messy person?”

If the pile of dirty clothes is still in the corner of the room, the cups are still scattered on the desk, then the answer will be yes!

Clutter may have affected your mind more than you think. The mess hardly gives you positive emotions. A study conducted by the University of St. Lawrence points out that those who like to keep their belongings in the bedroom suffer lower sleep quality than those with minimalist bedrooms.

What's the value of minimalism with a good night's sleep?

Minimalism is an art movement that emerged in the early 1960s, which oriented everything towards simplicity. Simplify in design, shape, decoration, .. The foundation of minimalism is function, each item in your bedroom will have a certain purpose.

Minimalist decor is not only aesthetically appealing, it actually has a lot of positive psychological effects. Life can be hectic sometimes and the bedroom should be a place where both your body and mind can relax and unwind. Let's start with white, gray and blue tones which are encouraged to create a calming, natural atmosphere that also induces mental relaxation.

Minimalist bedroom for better sleep

Minimalist bedroom will help bring a good night's sleep

Also, following minimalism requires you to "let go" of things that are "heavy" the space, as if you are "cleaning up" psychological pressure. And, of course, with a clean room and an orderly mind, sleep comes quickly and easily.

What ideas for your minimalist room?

If it's time to start reorganizing your room, then these suggestions will work for you:

  • Reuse – Donate – Sell and Dispose

Here are 4 keywords to start the journey of “getting out of the mess” in your own room.

  • A simple bed

In the bedroom, the bed is the focal point. A bed that is too fussy will go against the minimalist style. Choose a simple and reasonable bed. At that time, the accompanying mattress also needs to be minimalistic and most convenient for all activities. Refer to the mattress memory foam Ru9 as a suggestion for you

  • Use natural light

Bright light will make the room appear larger and airy. If you don't mind compromising privacy, please remove the curtains to let in more natural light.

  • Plant more plants in the room

Stay away from deciduous trees and stick with plants with large, bold leaves that act as air purifiers. Some of the top choices include betel nut, tiger tongue and money tree.

  • Using furniture with drawers and shelves

Shelves and drawers not only give you more space to store things, but also save space in your room.

Minimalism is not only outstanding by its neatness and simplicity, but also gives you a comfortable, airy space to help you sleep better. If you are still feeling uncomfortable with your cramped room, change it now!