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3 ways to sleep well and deeply regardless of day and night

  • 3 ways to sleep well and deeply regardless of day and night

    Sleep plays an important role in each of our lives. A good night's sleep not only improves your physical health, but also helps you to feel more mentally refreshed. At this time, the brain will be restored and be able to work significantly more efficiently. However, do you know how to sleep soundly and deeply yet? Let's check the price with Ru9!

    Discover your natural sleep cycle to find a way to sleep soundly and deeply

    Scientists have based on brain studies and have come to the conclusion that our normal sleep is divided into 5 different stages , specifically:

    Sleeping stage

    This stage usually takes place about 3 – 15 minutes from the time you close your eyes and start sleeping on the mattress. At that time, your body gradually enters a light sleep state and is most easily awakened.

    Light sleep

    Light sleep takes up about 50% of the natural sleep cycle. At this stage, the eyes stop moving and brain activity becomes slower. Occasionally, fast waves are called “sleep spindle” (a series of oscillating neural activity) takes place in the brain and gradually decreases towards the deep sleep stage.

    how to sleep soundly and deeply
    Understanding sleep stages to help you sleep better

    Deep sleep

    The deep sleep stage usually accounts for 10% of all sleep time. At that time, the brain waves work very slowly and are interspersed with fast waves.

    Very deep sleep

    Very deep sleep accounts for about 20% of total sleep time. This is an important stage because your body is completely rested. Parameters such as: body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure... all decreased to the lowest level. Besides, the muscles of the arms and legs are motionless and the eye muscles are also completely motionless.

    Dreaming takes up about 20% of our total sleep time. During this stage, body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure all increase. At the same time, the eyeball moves quickly back and forth, and the limb muscles are temporarily inactive. Dreams often appear at this stage.

    3 ways to sleep soundly and deeply at any time

    Based on the sleep cycle, studies have shown that any effective way to sleep well must follow 3 principles: Reduce time lull and light sleep; increased duration of deep and very deep sleep; optimize active dreaming time. Here is Ru9's more detailed guide on how to get a good night's sleep:

    1. Adjust sleep according to the sleep cycle

    To avoid being tired and sluggish when you wake up, you need to adjust the time so that when you wake up, the sleep cycle ends. . The average human sleep time is between 7 and 9 hours. According to scientific studies, you should start sleeping at 9-10pm and wake up around 5 to 6am the next morning.

    2. Choose sleeping position

    Sleeping on your back is a way to sleep better. In that qi, the head, neck, and spine are rested in a neutral position. Doctors recommend that this is the best sleeping position that you should apply. So, let's get into the habit of lying on your back to sleep more deeply.

    3. Create the right sleeping space

    A spacious and airy sleeping space will be the way to sleep better. In particular, a good mattress will help you sleep deeply sleep and do not experience awakening or startling during sleep. At the same time, you can use good sleeping pillows to help fix the neck area, limit shoulder pain.

    how to sleep soundly and deeply
    Creating the right sleeping space is the way to a good and deep sleep

    Old and poor quality mattresses can be the cause of your insomnia and poor sleep. If your mattress has been used for too long, replacing a quality, sleep-supporting mattress is a smart investment in finding ways to sleep soundly and deeply.

    Product selection suggestions:

    One ​​suggestion from Ru9 is that you can choose to buy pillow memory foam for sleep care. This is a pillow line that many users consider buying pillows recently.

    Because, this product is capable of supporting the entire cervical spine, helping to stabilize sleeping posture and limit slipping, causing neck and shoulder pain . In addition, the price of mattress or foam pillow is also suitable for the budget and economic conditions of many Vietnamese families.

    Ru9 mattress brings you the most complete sleep

    For a better and deeper sleep, you need to choose a good mattress for yourself. With technology and creativity, Ru9 launched a product line of Foam mattresses to help consumers get the best sleep experience.

    Foam mattress

    a> provides a good night's sleep thanks to its ability to optimize support. At the same time, the product creates comfort through a combination of the features of each mattress layer.

    Ru9 Foam Mattress with optimized design for sleep
    Multi-layer Foam mattress- the optimal choice for a companion with a good night's sleep

    Ru9 Contour Foam provides optimal spine support with absolute comfort. The Memory Foam layer integrates a cold gel to help disperse the force from the body and regulate the temperature. Finally, a solid foam bottom layer helps reduce movement and ensure quiet at night.

    Ru9 mattress meets rigorous material standards and is certified CertiPUR-US about safety for user health, durability and environmental friendliness. You can rest assured to enjoy sleep without worrying when choosing a Ru9 mattress. With smart design and high-quality materials, Ru9 mattress will definitely bring you the best sleep.

    Deep sleep is very important for everyone's health. So you should spend enough time sleeping 8 hours a day as well as apply the how to sleep soundly and deeply that Ru9 has instructed. In addition, you can consider buying a good pillow to get a better night's sleep. Wishing you and your loved ones a good night's sleep!

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