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The secret to arranging room space for quality sleep

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The secret to arranging room space for quality sleep

Knowing how to sleep layout not only gives you a good night's sleep, but also helps you feel comfortable in your own sleeping space. However, not everyone knows how to properly decorate the bedroom.

The bedroom has a very important role that can affect our sleep. The layout of the bedroom so that the balance between the color of the walls, lights and furniture is the main factor contributing to a good night's sleep. Please refer to Ru9 on how to arrange the bedroom appropriately in the article below.

1. What is a standard bedroom?

Color matching

Color is the first important element in any design because it has a direct influence on psychology, evokes emotions and moods. for each person.

For the bedroom, you should choose warm, gentle colors such as white, gray-blue, pastel pink,... These colors will help your room become warmer, create a comfortable mood, easy to fall asleep

The room size and the size of the objects in the room must match

No matter the size of your room, always make sure that every item and element in the room is proportionate. together to avoid feeling cramped right in the sleeping space.

Design an airy bedroom to bring comfort and relaxation.

Always neat and tidy

Did you know that visual clutter can create stress, which is considered one of the causes of sleep quality? Objects that are left "disorganized" will make you feel anxious, your mind will not be relaxed enough to easily fall asleep.

So, always keep a neat and tidy bedroom space to keep the mood in a comfortable state.

Sufficient light

Light is a powerful cue that stimulates your circadian rhythm to help regulate sleep. When it's time to go to bed, you should try to make your bedroom as dark as possible to keep your circadian rhythm at its best.

Standard bedroom will give you quality sleep

A standard bedroom will give you quality sleep

2. Choose 5 essential elements when decorating a bedroom


When choosing a lamp for the bedroom, you should pay attention to the light of the lamp with the color of the room and the furniture so that the light is in harmony. balance.

The bedroom is a space that does not require strong light, mainly using warm tones (most commonly yellow lights) to create gentle, relaxing to help the eyes relax maximum and easy to fall asleep.


According to research, music has a positive impact on mental health, helps you train thinking, memory, relieves stress, easy easy to fall asleep, deep sleep. Therefore, you can arrange a speaker right in your bedroom so you can listen to music before going to sleep, or you can use existing applications on your phone.

However, before going to sleep, listen to soft music, piano or soft ballads only.


Having a scent in the room will be a plus point for your sleep. Studies have found that aromatherapy with essential oils like lavender can promote relaxation and make it easier to get a good night's sleep.


The temperature of your bedroom should be comfortable, usually between 18.6 and 22.0 degrees Celsius. Extreme heat can disrupt sleep sleep. If you don't have a thermostat to precisely control the temperature of your bedroom, you can use a fan or open a window to adjust the temperature depending on the season.


One ​​mattress can be a worthwhile investment Studies have found that it can improve sleep, reduce stress and lower back pain. In a survey in the US in the 2010 Bedroom Poll, that 93% of people said a comfortable mattress is important for getting quality sleep.

A good mattress will help you get a good night's sleep
A good mattress will give you a good and deep sleep

3. How to make a suitable bed

Besides meeting some of the essentials for a proper sleeping space, the arrangement of these elements also plays an essential role . Standing out like choosing a good bed will give you a good night's sleep, but is that enough?

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, so make sure your bed is not only good, but also comfortable The right place to bring the best sleep. Here are a few ways to help you make the best bed.

  • Place the bed in a cool position to help you feel more relaxed.
  • Do not place the bed near the door because it is close to the cold air flow, besides, the position of the bed should be a position where the door of the room can be observed to create a sense of security
  • It is recommended to place the head of the bed close to the wall, with gaps on both sides, both creating harmony in the space and helping to increase positive energy.
  • Do not place the headboard under the window because it will make you feel unsafe and easily get cold air in, affecting your health.
  • Avoid placing the head of the bed away from the wall because it will make sleep not deep.
  • Avoid placing your bed under chandeliers, ceiling fans, or beams, it can put pressure on sleep.
Proper bed will make you sleep well
Proper bed will make you sleep better

Hopefully the above article gives you useful information, helping you find a way to decorate your bedroom in a scientific way to have quality sleep.