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Seasonal Stress Reduction: How To Sleep Better?

Seasonal Stress Reduction: How To Sleep Better?

Sleep and stress are closely related. Stress will become more severe when insomnia and sleep problems persist. During the stressful period of the 4th Covid-19 season, do you have to go through restless nights and think forever but can't sleep? Or worse, couldn't sleep all night and was tired all day? If you have to deal with insomnia every night, let's take a look at Ru9's tips to sleep well despite stress in the following article.

Is the pandemic changing your sleep clock?

Starting from the end of April, the 4th wave of Covid-19 is considered to be the peak and most complicated outbreak in Vietnam. Every day, information about positive cases and lockdown areas makes us feel anxious and insecure. The streets became deserted, even the once bustling urban centers like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi became deserted and lonely. Under the tightening of directive 16, people are encouraged to stay at home and work remotely. Now, the home is not only a resting place but also a work and entertainment space when outdoor activities are almost impossible. Staying at home for a long time, both working and living can affect many people's life rhythms, especially the circadian clock of sleep.

Working and studying online, people have the opportunity to be more active in terms of time, however, if they do not know how to arrange a suitable schedule, Reasonably, people easily fall into unreasonable work and rest. Lack of exercise, irregular eating habits and worries and stress of the epidemic situation directly affect the circadian clock of sleep.

If you want a good night's sleep, do the following how to sleep well and deeply
Stress makes you lose sleep and restlessness? Need to find a way to sleep well to reduce stress?

Stress can cause many negative results. In essence, stress is a response that has evolved in humans and animals to enable them to deal with critical or dangerous situations (refer: So one effect of stress is that it can cause sleep deprivation. Research has shown that sleep facilitates a wide range of processes in the body. Therefore, prolonged stress can easily cause insomnia or trouble sleeping. Constantly being in a heightened state of alertness can delay the onset of sleep and cause rapid, anxious naps that occur at night. In particular, like a loop, not getting enough sleep can add to stress and in turn make insomnia worse.

Secrets to help you sleep well despite stress

Here are a few suggestions from Ru9 to help you learn how to sleep well amid the unpredictable fluctuations of the Covid-19 season.

Cold temperatures make it easier to sleep

Temperature is an important factor in improving sleep that is often overlooked. Layout of rooms that are airy and adjust the room temperature to suit your body's comfortable temperature is one way to get a good night's sleep. Warmer temperatures actually affect sleep quality. Sweating and feeling hot make it harder to fall asleep. If you don't want to keep the air conditioner running all night, you can install a ceiling fan, use an electric fan, or open a window when the nighttime temperature is cool. Or you can use cooling pads and bedding that are lower in weight and thinner in size.

You can learn more about IceGuard cooling pad by Ru9, with IceFiber cold fiber technology ™ modern, effective mattress surface cooling to help you sleep cooler, sleep better.

Adjust the right lighting

Besides temperature, light is also a factor that directly affects sleep. Visual cells still perceive and receive light information even when you are closing your eyes. Therefore, arranging a dark bedroom helps you fall asleep easier and is also a way to help you sleep better. If you are afraid or uncomfortable with the dark, a warm yellow night light can be used.

how to sleep well how to sleep well
How to sleep well? Adjusting the brightness of the room is one way to get a good night's sleep

Clean bedding.

This is also a very simple way to help sleep well that almost anyone can do. Pillows (or at least pillowcases) should also be washed regularly to reduce bacteria and allergens that can make sleep uncomfortable. Wash and dry bedding in sunlight. Warm pillows and blankets with the scent of the sun help you feel comfortable and easier to fall asleep.

Choose the right mattress

Last but not least, the mattress makes up the bulk of your sleep experience. Therefore, choosing a good and quality mattress is extremely important.

It is recommended to use mattresses made from certain fabrics that have "hygroscopic" properties, which means they absorb excess moisture and help you are more comfortable. These include cotton, wool, silk, bamboo and linen, while others like polyester and synthetic sateen can actually moisturize and make you warmer. If you live in an area where winters and summers differ, using different bedding (thicker for winter / thinner for summer) can also help keep you comfortable.

In particular, the old mattress should be replaced every 5-7 years. Check your bed for signs of wear (like an impression over 1.5 inches deep) and pay attention to your body. If you wake up with aches and pains and the pain subsides within a few hours, it could be a sign that your mattress needs to be replaced.

how to sleep well tips to sleep well despite stress
A way to help sleep well Sleep is about choosing the right mattress for you

Invest in mattress is a key choice to improve your insomnia and stress. With a fully supportive design, cool and airy in each material, Ru9 believes that foam mattress and pillow Niu is one of the effective solutions for those who are facing insomnia and stress during the Covid-19 season.

Choose a cool, supportive mattress and ventilation is the way to help you sleep peacefully amidst the worries of the epidemic season

A good night's sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body - which are the most important things to every person. individuals amid the volatile Covid-19 epidemic situation. Ru9 hopes that the tips to sleep well despite stress mentioned in the article will help you soon successfully find ways to sleep well and stay healthy during this stressful time.

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