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The secret to reducing neck pain with just the right pillow. You already know?

Have you tried different pillows but still no improvement in neck pain? As a sleep expert, Ru9 will advise you on choosing the right neck pillow.
The secret to reducing neck pain with just the right pillow. You already know?

Pillow is an indispensable item in everyone's sleep. If you do not choose the right pillow, neck pain will appear when you wake up. Let's learn how to choose the types of relief pillow in the following article.< /span>

1. First find out what causes your neck pain?

Most of us know that neck pain is annoying, keeping you from getting a good night's sleep. This symptom, if left to last for a long time, greatly affects life. You have neck pain for many days leading to insomnia, poor sleep, weakness, poor concentration, and memory loss …

People with persistent neck pain may not be able to do normal activities. The pain is persistent, prolonged, reducing the function of the neck area, unable to move flexibly. If no solution or treatment is found, you can end up with serious diseases such as: cervical spondylosis.

A good pillow can protect your neck and shoulders while sleeping

Basically, neck pain is usually caused by a stiff neck or sleeping in the wrong position. When sleeping, the curve of the cervical vertebrae needs to be supported, otherwise they will have to stay in a "stretched" state all night, causing muscle fatigue.If the pillow is too high, the neck joint is at risk of flexing causing pain. the pain becomes more and more uncomfortable.

So to solve this problem, you need to find a solution so that during sleep the joints, muscles and bones are relaxed. This is the process of resting and recuperating after a hard day.

2. How can a sleeping pillow help you relieve pain?

One ​​of the ways to effectively relieve neck pain is to choose the right pillow. So what features should the neck pain relief pillow have?

Support for the head and cervical vertebrae

With the natural curve of the body, when you sleep, your head and neck need to be gently and smoothly supported. A good pillow needs to be able to hug and cuddle along that curve. The pillow needs to fill in the gaps when you lie down so that all muscles, joints and bones can relax. This helps your body to be most comfortable in its natural sleeping position and promotes deeper sleep.

Flexible adjustment according to sleeping position

Neck pain is a common phenomenon if you use a pillow that is not suitable for lying down. If you often lie on your side, thick pillows will definitely support the neck better. If you prefer to lie on your back, a thin pillow will help keep your head from being raised too high. That means a good pillow needs to be able to adjust its height according to your sleeping position.

Optimal heat dissipation

Because the head and neck are the two parts with a lot of nerves, they will be the hottest areas of your body. You often find in hot conditions, the head and neck tend to sweat first. Therefore, the material of good supporting pillows also needs to be able to dissipate heat. That way you won't toss and turn while sleeping.

Choose the right pillows for a good night's sleep< /div>

3. Niu Ru9 Pillow - The secret to helping you get rid of neck pain

New pillow at Ru9 Designed based on the very standards you need to help you relieve neck pain.

Constructionally, the pillow core is made of advanced graphene foam for optimal support all night long. Unlike other conventional pillows, the pillow has the ability to hug your head and neck according to the natural curvature. It is the open structure of the foam that creates optimal elasticity depending on the pressure of each person's head and neck. So you can completely relax and relax all night long. Waking up feeling more refreshed will come to you right after the first night.

In particular, Graphene in Ru9 foam is considered the best heat dissipation material today. So heat from the head - the hottest part of the body will be dissipated as soon as you lie down. You will no longer feel uncomfortable when sleeping. This heat dissipation also helps to keep the original structure of the pillow stable, limiting deformation when affected by temperature.

In addition, the Niu pillow from Ru9 is also designed with a cover made of Tencel fabric with good ventilation. This material has also been OEKO-TEX certified for user safety.

The phenomenon of neck pain when waking up will be gone if you choose for yourself a suitable sleeping pillow. Do not hesitate to visit Ru9's showroom to check out the innovative foam pillow line that replaces conventional pillows. Let Ru9 accompany you in every quality sleep!