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The "secret" to choose the best mattress to support back pain, neck fatigue


There are many causes of back pain while running. sleep like: sleeping position, sleeping space, mattress, pillow,.. How to choose a good mattress good mattress to improve the symptoms of pain when sleeping. Let's find out the causes of back pain when sleeping with Ru9 as well as the secret to choosing the types healthy mattress, capable of supporting the body in for a long time.

The causes of back pain when sleeping

Back pain after waking up has become a nightmare for many people. Did you know that unscientific sleeping habits are the main cause of this condition.

Sleeping in the wrong position

Sleeping in the wrong position is a common cause of back pain while sleeping. . While sleeping, you cannot control how your sleeping position is, leading to many incorrect sleeping positions such as lying on your stomach, bending over, putting your hands under your head,...This condition continues often, causing your bones to not be fully supported, but compressed, causing pain after waking up. And if you continue to do this, you will definitely have some bone diseases such as muscle pain, spinal pain.

According to Dr. Paul D'Alfonson - Director of Chiropractic Clinic Maple Healthcare (HCMC) said: “Your mattress sleeping position greatly affects your sleep cycle, determining the level of sleep. depth of sleep, blood circulation, musculoskeletal condition, spine…”

The quality of the mattress is not guaranteed

One ​​good mattress is a mattress that can support your entire body during sleep. And choosing the wrong mattress is the direct cause of your back pain after waking up. Mattresses with not too good elasticity will make you feel like you are lying on a "rock" when you sleep. In case your mattress is too thin, you will easily experience curvature of the spine. This is also the main cause of back pain because the body is not well supported while sleeping.

Please start first choose a good mattress good mattress to prevent back pain symptoms

Other elements

In addition, being inactive, overworked, poor nutrition or suffering from bone diseases… are also the causes of your sleeping fatigue. .

Notes on choosing a healthy mattress

The mattress market today has a lot of options for you to own a mattress. . But how can you choose a good mattress mattress? Let's learn some notes with Ru9 when choosing to buy good mattress for the spine to prevent and stop the problems. back pain symptoms:

  • The mattress has good elasticity 

Depending on the structure, each mattress type will have different elasticity. You should choose a mattress with good elasticity to avoid subsidence after use. This type of mattress will fully embrace the natural curves of the body and support the spine. This will reduce symptoms of tenderness and pain during and after sleep. At the same time, good mattress with high elasticity will help blood circulate evenly to body parts so that the part does not go numb during sleep.

  • The mattress has the right thickness

Currently, mattresses on the market have many different heights such as: 9cm, 15cm, 25cm and 30cm… Based on your needs, you should choose a mattress with an appropriate thickness. However, to protect your spine well, you should choose mattresses with a height of 25cm or more, it will be more optimal.

Choose a mattress with the right height for a comfortable sleeping experience sleep better

  • Mattress with healthy material

Each type of mattress with different materials has advantages to protect the health of the user. In the midst of the current market of poor quality products that are difficult to distinguish, you should choose mattress lines from reputable suppliers to use. For example, you can choose to buy a Ru9 mattress with materials that have been tested and certified for safety and user-friendliness.

  • Long-lasting mattress durable

The time to use a mattress can be one of the problems when choosing a mattress. choose a mattress for the family. The service life of the mattress will depend on the elasticity of that mattress. The more elastic the mattress, the longer it will last. Usually a good mattress like a foam mattress will have a lifespan of up to 10-15 years.

Ru9 mattress - the perfect choice to support the body while sleeping

Currently, foam mattresses are increasingly meeting the tastes of users and is gradually becoming a competitor of other mattress lines. Among them, the Ru9 mattress can be mentioned, which is considered a good mattress mattress providing perfect sleep for you.

Original Ru9 foam mattress< /a> is made up of 3 layers of high performance foam. With a special structure, Ru9 foam mattress brings the most outstanding features on the market such as:

  • Ru9 Contour foam class for optimal spine support with absolute comfort. This foam layer hugs the curves of the body while sleeping, creating a comfortable and smooth feeling when sleeping

  • Memory foam layer with integrated cold gel helps disperse force pressure from the body, alleviating back and spine pain. The cold gel helps regulate body temperature for a comfortable feeling throughout the mattress.

  • PU foam layer will definitely reduce the noise caused out when moving on the mattress surface and make sure it is quiet

  • With high performance foam material helps Ru9 foam mattress with high elasticity without worrying about sinking when used.

  • Ru9 foam mattress is certified with CertiPUR-US® for safety for users' health. The mattress is guaranteed to fully meet factors such as: ensuring health, being environmentally friendly and having high durability.

  • The breathable mattress cover is easy to remove for cleaning.

Ru9 foam mattress is a good mattressa good mattress to fully support your body while you sleep< /span>

Through this article, Ru9 hope you can find yourself a good mattress that takes care of your sleep as well as your health. Ru9 foam mattress with optimal support will be the best choice for you. Please contact Ru9 immediately through the website or visit showroom Ru9< /a> to own this mattress right away.