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How to buy a good sleeping pillow for your health

A good and deep sleep pillow helps you to be full of energy when you wake up in the morning. So what are you waiting for without choosing a good pillow!
How to buy a good sleeping pillow for your health

Sleep quality greatly affects the health of each person. However, not many people know how to choose a good pillow to help you sleep better. You can refer to the article below of Ru9 to find the right pillow for you!

Common mistakes when buying sleeping pillows

There are many types on the market sleeping pillow is different. Along with that is the appearance of many fake goods, imitation goods, poor quality goods that are not controlled. This makes it easy for consumers to make mistakes when choosing to buy a sleeping pillow for their family. Here are some common errors:

1. Rushing to buy cheap sleeping pillows, poor quality pillows

Usually these good night pillow healthy won't come cheap. Simply, a quality pillow, the cost to create the product is always at an average - high level, so it is impossible for a good pillow with low price and promotion in the market to exist.
However, many people still rushed to buy cheap sleeping pillows. Cheap, promotion for immediate profit. You think you have saved a large amount of money for your family, but you are completely wrong. The desire to buy a sleeping pillow without regard to quality, size... is the cause of choosing the wrong pillow sleeping pillow. This greatly affects the quality of sleep as well as the health of you and your family. It can be even worse if you buy a fake pillow by mistake.

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2. Don't care about the material when buying a pillow

One ​​good night pillow just being pretty is not enough. However, understanding the psychology of the majority of consumers, some manufacturers of low-quality pillows have launched reclining pillowlaying pillow span> with a super eye-catching and attractive design, but the quality is not good for sleep. Therefore, you need to consider carefully when buying a sleeping pillow. In addition to the beautiful appearance, to buy a good sleeping pillow you need to carefully check the material that makes the pillow. You can consider these 3 questions before choosing to buy a pillow:

  • Should buy pillowcase yes What material is it made of?

  • Does the material have good support?

  • Is the pillow material cool?

Currently on the market, memory foam is currently one of the most appreciated materials in pillow production. Foam pillows have good support and breathability. This is extremely good for your sleep. You can learn more about reputable brands like Ru9 about this foam pillow product line.

Reasonable time to change a new healthy pillow

Though pillow> Sleep well no matter how good it is, you will have time to use it. As a rule, ordinary sleeping pillows need to be replaced after 18 months of use. Higher quality good night pillows will last longer than cheap ones. For example, the line high-quality sleeping pillow Ru9's Niu pillow, the product life cycle will be longer than two years. You can use it with complete peace of mind thanks to Niu pillow's 2-year one-for-one policy. If the pillow you are using has been used for too long, the quality of the product will be greatly reduced, and the pillow's features will also be limited.

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Surely many people will wonder why the longevity of pillow so short? However, if you try the calculation, you will find that your pillow is used about 7-8 hours per night. That's over 2,500 hours a year! So you should invest in yourself a new pillow when needed. If you still do not know if the pillow you are using is still good, you can check by following these instructions:

First, open the pillowcase and check: Does the pillow have stains from sweat? Is it torn or smelly? These are all signs of a pillow in need of replacement. Pillows collect dead skin cells, mold, mildew, fungi, and dust mites (as well as their droppings). Over time, an accumulation of these elements in the pillow can cause allergies, resistance breathing during sleep and give off a bad smell.

Secondly, double the sleeping pillow is in use. If that pillow doesn't return to its original shape, it's time to replace it with a new one. Note that with large pillows, you should fold them in three instead of double to check the quality.

Some criteria for choosing an effective pillow

To choose and buy the perfect sleeping pillow, you need to consider many factors such as material, height, support...

Choose and buy the ideal sleeping pillow for your family

1. About the material

Pillow is made of many different materials, including popular ones like foam pillows, cotton pillows, feather pillows... To choose and buy one good night pillow, you must pay special attention to 3 criteria. First, the pillow needs to be able to support the neck and shoulder blades well. Secondly, the breathability of the pillow needs to ensure that it does not cause a secret tunnel for the body. Third, pillows need to ensure safety for everyone's health.

2. About design

A good sleeping pillow needs to be designed with a reasonable size for the person lying on it. Normally, a reasonable length and width is 60cm x 20cm, about 12cm high. At the same time, the pillow needs to have an elegant and delicate color such as white to help you feel comfortable and easier to fall asleep.

In addition, the pillow needs to be easily removed for cleaning during use.

3. About longevity

One ​​good night pillow Good materials and design are not enough, pillow life is also an important criterion. You should not use a pillow that after only a few months has collapsed, the quality has decreased. After that, you have to spend an extra cost to replace that pillow if you don't want to affect your health or sleep.

Currently on the market, pillow products made of foam material have been meeting the requirements of require the above criteria. You can safely choose from foam pillows, including Niu pillows and cushion pillow for a quality sleep. However, you need to pay attention to choose reputable pillow suppliers like Ru9 to get yourself a good sleeping pillow.

The above article has provided the best and most useful tips to choose one for yourself. good sleeping pillow. You should carefully note the main points to be able to effectively support in choosing to buy a quality sleeping pillow. Ru9 wishes you a good night's sleep with your beloved pillow "friend", and don't forget to contact Ru9 immediately via website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice on suitable sleep care products for you and your family!

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