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100% ventilation

There are countless types of mattresses on today market with many different features. So what is the most popular type of mattress? Ru9 will answer this question in the following article.
<h2>100% ventilation </h2>

Assorted mattress Today market is very diverse and rich in both materials and features . When choosing buy mattress, you must have also wondered which is your favorite mattress type. Best? Here is some useful information to help you find the answer to the above answer.

Top popular mattresses

The variety of mattresses makes it easy for consumers to choose and buy the right products. In it, the lines mattress High-class, quality is the choice that many customers look towards and consider more than when shopping. Let's take a deep dive into the benefits of each material before you can choose the most suitable solution!:

  • Spring mattress: The product is distinguished by its texture that uses multiple layers of springs to create elasticity. However, this type of mattress still has some disadvantages, typically the uneven support of the mattress in different positions on the body. When lying down on the mattress, the jet will affect the body from the bottom up. It is this that makes the spring mattress cause pain if used for a long time. In addition, the durability is not high and depends heavily on the quality of the internal spring system.

  • Natural latex mattress: This is a mattress line manufactured from materials of natural origin. This type of mattress has high durability, elasticity and good body support. However, latex mattress has a structure in the form of a solid block that limits ventilation. In particular, the product's price is quite high, much different from other mattresses on the market today.

  • Foam mattress: This is the type of mattress that is becoming a consumer trend in 2019. Foam material has an open structure, offers flexibility, good elasticity and high durability. When lying up, the mattress will fully support the natural curve of the body, keep the spine straight, and protect health. At the same time, the mattress volume is also much lighter than natural latex or spring mattresses.

Premium mattress for extra comfort in the bedroom
Luxury mattress for a more comfortable bedroom

How to choose the right, high-quality mattress

How to choose good mattress among the many types of mattresses available on the market? Please consider the following criteria::

  • Safety materials: Different materials have their own unique features and characteristics. Therefore, you need to compare to choose the right mattress. In particular, you need to pay attention to the safety of the material. To ensure safety for your health, you should choose a mattress that has achieved evaluation standards from reputable organizations. For example, the certification CertiPUR-US is a prestigious certification for foam materials.< /span>

  • Elasticity and support: The mattress must have good elasticity, perfect body support at all in all lying positions, limiting back and spine pain when using.

  • Ventilation: The mattress needs to have high ventilation, to avoid causing a secret basement when lying down.< /p>

Comfortable mattress for better sleep
Comfortable mattress for a better night's sleep

Capture the trend of choosing a Ru9 mattress for a good night's sleep:

Compared to sleeping mattress Currently, Ru9 foam mattress is the optimal choice for your and your family's sleep. The product is developed and perfected based on thorough research on Vietnamese people's sleep.

Ru9 foam mattress is a delicate combination of multiple layers of foam with distinct features:

  • Contour foam: Contour foam has optimal support, embracing the natural curves of the body. This helps keep the spine straight, providing absolute smoothness and comfort in all sleeping positions. This is a feature that the mattresses on the market today cannot meet.

  • Memory foam layer with integrated cold gel: This foam layer is capable of dispersing pressure on the body horizontally and air conditioner. Thanks to that, it helps the Ru9 mattress become cool and comfortable when sleeping.

  • PU foam layer: This is a foam layer with high density, which increases the durability of the mattress over time. Moreover, the solid bottom foam layer, capable of separating movement, ensures your sleep is always quiet throughout the night.

Sleep comfortably every day with Ru9 foam mattress
Sleep comfortably every day with Ru9 foam mattress

In particular, Ru9 mattress foam is also the first Vietnamese mattress product to be certified CertiPUR-US for safety and user-friendliness. use. You can rest assured to use the product for yourself and your family.

With superior features, foam mattress Ru9 has become one of the most popular quality mattresses on the market. school. In fact, up to 98% of customers are completely conquered by Ru9 mattress. And you? Do not hesitate any longer, contact Ru9 to own this high quality mattress product.