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Do you know which mattress is good for the elderly?

Which mattress is good for the elderly? Do you know which mattress is good and suitable for the elderly? Let's find out right through the following article!
Do you know which mattress is good for the elderly?

Type determination mattress Which is good and suitable for each age group is always a concern of many customers today. Especially choosing mattresses for the elderly. So which mattress is good for the elderly? Ru9< /span> suggests you how to choose a mattress right here.

1. The role of the mattress for the elderly's sleep

As people age, their health declines significantly. In which, the phenomenon of insomnia or not sleeping deeply, restless sleep ... is the most common and common condition in the elderly. This is also the main cause of body fatigue. So use sleeping mattress suitable to create a pleasant and comfortable sleeping space is necessary for the elderly. One good mattress will help you fall asleep more easily and sleep deeper.< /p>

Choose a soft mattress for the elderly to be comfortable
Choose a comfortable mattress for the elderly to always comfortable

Moreover, choose one mattress also helps to support and protect the spine to avoid causing pain effectively after a long sleep. This will partly help improve the joint pain that is common in old age, contributing to the most complete nightly sleep.

2. Which mattress is good for the elderly's sleep?

A good night's rest and sleep are essential to improving everyone's health , especially in the elderly. In it, mattress close plays an important role in determining whether you sleep well and get enough sleep. However, how do you know which mattress is the best and most suitable? Some of the following mattress shopping criteria can help you choose the most suitable mattress:

  • Support. The older you get, the more aging your bones and joints become. Therefore, to minimize joint pain, you need to choose mattresses with optimal support. Choose a mattress that has the function of keeping the spine straight, hugging the curves of the body, creating a feeling of softness and comfort in all sleeping positions.
  • Breathable. The excretory system through sweat glands on the skin in old age often declines much. Therefore, choosing a mattress with breathability will help reduce occlusion, bring a more comfortable and comfortable feeling to sleep.
  • Good body temperature regulation. In order to limit waking up in the night, it is very necessary to stabilize body temperature in the elderly. Accordingly, you should refer to mattresses with good body temperature regulation so that you can use the mattress all year long.
A good mattress supports and protects the spine
A good mattress provides support and protection spine

3. Ru9 mattress for the elderly to have a good night's sleep

If you are wondering which mattress is good and suitable for the elderly, Ru9 foam mattress is a perfect suggestion. for your consideration. This type of mattress is made mainly from active foams, commonly known as memory foam. Foam mattress has the characteristics of open structure and high elasticity. Previously, memory foam material was applied by NASA in reducing pressure in space. With the ability to spread pressure and good support, this material is widely used in many different industries such as medical, footwear and sleep. More specifically, memory foam mattresses also have the ability to automatically adjust the appropriate support for any weight. Ru9 foam mattress structure includes 3 different layers of foam:

  • Ru9 Contour Foam: Optimal support, fully embracing the natural curves of the muscles body, keeping the spine straight. Mattresses provide maximum softness and comfort and reduce the risk of spinal pain in old age.
  • Class Memory Foam built-in cold gel: Disperses pressure on the body horizontally and regulates temperature, creating a comfortable feeling when sleeping and helping to relieve muscle fatigue and pain. effective.
  • PU foam layer: This is a foam layer with high density, which increases the durability of the product. mattress over time. Moreover, the solid bottom foam layer, capable of preventing movement, ensures a quiet sleep throughout the night.
Ru9 mattress for full sleep, improved health
Ru9 mattress for a full night's sleep, improved good health

In particular, Ru9 foam mattress does not contain ingredients that are harmful to the human body. Products have the prestigious CertiPUR-US certification from the United States, ensuring safety for users' health. Therefore, you can safely use it for your parents, grandparents and all other family members.

Choosing a good mattress is not easy on the market. But coming to Ru9 mattress, you will no longer have to worry about finding a good mattress for your elderly loved one. So what are you waiting for without contacting Ru9 immediately to own good mattress and great for more restful sleep?